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At a glance

We're searching for a passionate and visionary experience designer to join our quickly growing team. You’ll work collaboratively with remote team members and clients to bring products, concepts, design systems, and stories to life in a productive distributed environment.

You’re an advocate for the end-to-end customer experience but your responsibilities and contributions run way deeper than that. We’re a small team and everybody wears multiple hats, so be prepared to be a swiss-army knife and tackle all aspects of the design process from research to build.

Traits we're looking for

You’re an inspired designer
Give you a blank page and you’ll fill it with delightful and differentiating ideas, prototypes and user flows that reflect your deep appreciation for and understanding of the people and platforms you’re designing for. You recognize that experience design is more than UI and layout, and can seamlessly connect marketing with content strategy, business modelling, new technology, and financial tools to invent new relationships between people and the internet.

You think in moments
You understand modern brand building is to build experiences and think in moments and loops. You care about how somebody experiences the first second, first hour, first week, first month, and beyond. Journey mapping and service frameworks are your jam.

You can zoom
You understand that different challenges require different levels of focus, and you can bring real value to needs ranging from the positioning of a single button to the reimagining of an entire product journey.

You are a great collaborator
We know that the best outcomes require more than stakeholder buy-in. You inspire the team to take risks with bold decision making and to take ownership of the experience. You're comfortable designing and facilitating others to do great work.

The details matter to you
An inconsistent button treatment. A spelling mistake. An annotation that should have been updated. These things drive you nuts and you fix them.

At Green Stone

Work from anywhere
Our distributed workforce model allows you to work from wherever you want, and post-pandemic you’re welcome to join us in one of the many co-working spaces we camp out in across the US and Canada.

Design a company
Be a builder - We are just as passionate about designing our dream company from the ground up, as we are about designing best-in-class work for our clients. Join us to do both.

Do work that matters
Our entire company is built to focus on creating meaningful value for the individual, institution and world at large. We only bring on clients that allow us to do that, and you’ll only work on projects that offer that opportunity to create real value for real people. We don’t want to work on anything else, and our guess is neither do you.

Application instructions

To apply, please send over your portfolio with at least 3 examples of work-related projects along with a short blurb about why you’re interested in joining Green Stone. We’d also love to know if you could redesign any brand or digital product/experience/service in the world, what would it be and why?