Senior Software Engineer (Backend & API Services)

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At Headquarters (, we are on a mission to change how Web3 Teams manage their finances.

By leveraging blockchain technologies, we believe we have what it takes to revolutionise how businesses run their financial operations. Our goal is to deliver a platform where businesses can put together building blocks to set up how they want to run their FinOps.

As a company, we operate like a high performing sports team, composed of ambitious and highly driven individuals who want to play an active part towards a common goal. Additionally, we also place a great amount of importance in being empathetic & humble towards each other.

As a Senior Software Engineer in the Backend & API Services Team, you will get the opportunity to solve some of the hardest problems the team is facing today. For example, we are actively rethinking how we should be approaching multi-factor authentication for crypto wallets without impacting the user experience. We’re looking for folks with an interest in building products and tools, comfortable in dealing with lots of moving pieces.

- Work closely with the Product Team to deliver value-adding features for our users;
- Take on the responsibility towards delivery from inception to deployment;
- Design and build robust APIs, libraries, and tools to power services that matter to our users;
- Mentor software engineers and set the standard for the next generation of HQ engineers [Note: This is still an Individual Contributor role];
- Proactively identify and prioritise improvements to the team’s processes, codebases and best practices

Job-Related Skills or Experience:
- Experience with Typescript & NestJS;
- Experience in shipping production applications using Web3 technologies such as block explorers and smart contracts;
- Experience in smart contract development is desired; you will minimally need to know how to interface with smart contracts through the contract ABIs;
- Hands-on experience in building and designing scalable APIs;
- A solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices;
- Have experience in deploying and maintaining production systems;
- Great understanding of development life cycle;
- Understanding of micro-services and cloud computing;
- Knowledge of DevOps, relational databases, SQL, GraphQL;
- Strong communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal skills;
- Able to make data-driven decisions on technical architecture and project prioritisation;
- Relevant or similar industry experience and start-up [Bonus]

Minimum Qualifications:
- 3-7 years experience in shipping APIs and Backend Services into production