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Who we are

Helsing is a new type of defence and artificial intelligence company. We believe that software - and especially artificial intelligence - will shape our democracies’ future. Our purpose is to attain technology leadership so that democratic societies are free to make sovereign decisions and control their ethical standards.

Our mission is to attract Europe’s best purpose-driven tech talent and apply their capabilities to some of the most complex problems.

We are looking for people with their heart in the right place, who share our conviction that our democratic values are worth protecting, for ourselves and for future generations.

The impact you will make 

Maybe the more interesting question is: what impact will Helsing have on you? Our ambitions are enormous (both on the business and on the technology side) and we are building Europe’s premier AI research and software engineering teams across disciplines such as networking, probabilistic inference, databases, information security, data systems, 3D computer graphics, and many more. You will learn from leading industry and academic experts—not in a vacuum, but while working alongside them to build cutting-edge, operational software and data systems. 

You will design algorithms and system architectures, author RFCs and comment on others’ design documents, implement your ideas, learn from your peers through code-reviews, and operate the systems you gave birth to. You will pass on what you learned through tech talks, mentoring, reading groups, blog posts, or discussions over drinks and nibbles. You will grow as a person and as a software engineer. 

Who we are looking for

    • You are not a Senior 'Something Something' with 10 years of experience in 'Rah-Rah'. 
    • You have a university degree (or equivalent experience) in a relevant field, eg, computer science, software engineering, mathematics, physics, robotics, etc.
    • You prefer asking questions over stipulating answers. 
    • You love figuring things out, digging deeper and deeper into unfamiliar code bases until it finally clicks and you understand how it works. 
    • You rarely receive LinkedIn InMail, because you prefer contributing to Flink or Rust open-source projects over grooming your social media profile. 
    • Your professor knew your name. 
    • You were busy minimizing NFAs, bootstrapping a compiler, or proving termination of your graph traversal algorithm instead of learning about variables and subclassing in “Java 101”. 
    • You don’t think you’re crazy when you start coding and only look at your watch after two hours have passed that feel like ten minutes. 

We offer

    • The chance to work in an innovative organisation focused on protecting our democracies 
    • The opportunity to drive impact in a fast-growing company with mission-orientated colleagues 
    • A diverse, collaborative, focused team located in the heart of Munich and offices in Berlin and London (and planned expansion in Paris) 
    • Flexible working hours and locations 
    • Supportive team structures and regular feedback 
    • Diverse team events and fun in and outside the office 
    • Competitive compensation and stock options 
Helsing is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability or gender identity.