Senior Rust Engineer

New York /
Engineering /
/ On-site
Abacus Works is looking for a Senior Rust Engineer to work on Hyperlane, the first permissionless interoperability layer!

The Hyperlane protocol is pioneering permissionless and modular interoperability. Providing developers with an API to connect between blockchains, Hyperlane is the first tool that allows anyone to add interoperability capabilities to any chain, without having to deal with any gatekeeping! Hyperlane's modular security stack means developers can configure and customize their security to their needs, always remaining in control.

Come build the interchain with us!

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In this role you will

    • Design, implement, and optimize the off-chain validator and relayer agents that secure the Hyperlane interchain messaging protocol
    • Simplify and document the process for third parties to participate in the protocol by running agents
    • Design and implement tokenomic incentives for protocol participation

For this role you have or are

    • 4+ years building and maintaining high availability systems
    • 2+ years of experience working with Ethereum or EVM compatible smart contract platforms
    • 2+ years working with Rust in a professional setting
    • Ability to operate independently under uncertainty
    • Strong sense of initiative and ownership
    • A crypto native
    • The drive, intensity, and motivation to perform at a world class level
    • BONUS: Experience working with non-EVM based smart contract platforms
Annual Salary Range: $100-250k