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At Leo Technologies, we are passionate about building software that solves real-world problems in the Public Safety sector. Our software has been used to help the fight against continuing criminal enterprises, drug trafficking organizations, identifying financial fraud, disrupting sex and human trafficking rings and focusing on mental health matters to name a few.


    • As a Senior Software Architect, you'll be responsible for designing and scaling the Verus platform. With your excellent knowledge in system design, you will be responsible for working with various teams to help architect and scale our mission-critical backend services that allow our users to gain actionable insight from our unique data.
    • You will be responsible for the architectural planning and development of scalable, resilient, and secure solutions that meet our organization's data-heavy, search, and analytics requirements. This role involves architecting multi-tenant systems that enable effective data isolation and secure sharing across different tenants, leading the architectural design process and making critical decisions regarding technologies, tools, and implementation strategies.
    • You will be part of the Core platform team, responsible for understanding our challenges and needs as our product and users grow. These solutions could range from scaling non-trivial search/data-mining operations to working on solving multi-tenancy challenges across our growing clients.
    • You'll leverage your experience in architecting and scaling our caching layer, Elastic Search, Postgres (AWS Aurora), and Apache Kafka deployments to optimize and enhance our application performance.
    • Your ability to understand and transform complex technical requirements into comprehensive architectural design will be critical to your success in this role.

Core Responsibilities

    • Design and implement scalable, reliable, and maintainable technologies across our whole stack, with a focus on Elastic Search, AWS Aurora, and Apache Kafka.
    • The responsibility for the scalability and performance of our systems will be under your purview. You will use your expertise in Caching optimization, Elastic Search, Postgres (AWS Aurora), and Apache Kafka to scale our systems effectively. This involves continuously evaluating system performance, identifying bottlenecks, and proposing and implementing solutions to improve system scalability, reliability, and performance.
    • Innovation will be at the core of your role. You will research and evaluate new technologies, tools, and practices that can improve system efficiency and effectiveness, leading to their adoption within the team.
    • An important part of your job will be to design and optimize our application's multi-tenant architecture to ensure data security, isolation, and scalability. You will define and enforce tenant-level resource management strategies to ensure efficient resource usage and cost-effectiveness.
    • As a technical leader, you will provide guidance to development teams, helping them understand and implement the architectural vision. You will collaborate with various stakeholders, including product managers, data scientists, and engineers, to ensure the architecture meets both business and technical requirements.
    • Troubleshooting and problem-solving will be key aspects of your role. You will lead the resolution of technical issues in the architecture or in the applications, including those arising server-side, Elastic Search, Postgres (AWS Aurora), and Apache Kafka.
    • Provide architectural guidance and mentoring to development team members.
    • Finally, your role will involve the creation of detailed architectural documents, design specs, and process documents. You will promote knowledge sharing within the team and foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

What We Value

    • Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
    • Minimum 8+ years of experience in software development, with at least one year in an architect role with a focus on architecting large-scale applications.
    • Deep understanding of Elastic Search, Postgres (AWS Aurora), Apache Kafka and Redis.
    • Experience in database architecture, with a focus on database scaling, and performance tuning.
    • Strong knowledge of software architecture principles, Agile methodologies, and DevOps processes.
    • Experience using Monitoring and observability technologies and leveraging them in design decision-making.
    • Ability to translate complex business requirements into detailed architectures and designs.
    • Proven leadership skills and the ability to work with a diverse team.
    • Excellent problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills.
    • Knowledge of containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes is a plus.
    • You consistently demonstrate the ability to work independently and take the initiative on projects.
    • Strong work ethic and a natural ability to problem-solve.

Technologies We Use

    • We are hosted on AWS Cloud (via K8s) and use numerous AWS services (Server and Serverless).
    • Our backend languages primarily consist of Elixir, NodeJS and some Python.
    • We extensively use ElasticCloud, AWS Aurora and Apace Kafka for our search and analytics needs. 
    • TypeScript and React are central to our front-end development.
    • Terraform, CloudFormation, Ansible are leveraged for our Infrastructure deployment and automation.
    • Industry-standard build tooling using GitHub Actions & ArgoCD.
    • Playwright test automation framework for end-to-end testing.
    • Custom models along with Huggingface and AWS SageMaker for our ML needs. 
    • A mix of open-source and proprietary technologies that are tailored to the problems at hand.

What You Can Expect

    • Enjoy great team camaraderie whether at our Irvine office or working remotely.
    • Thrive in a fast-paced environment with challenging problems to solve.
    • Modern technologies and tools.
    • Continuous learning environment.
    • Opportunity to communicate and work with people of all technical levels in a team environment.
    • Grow as you are given feedback and incorporate it into your work.
    • Be part of a self-managing team that enjoys support and direction when required.
    • 3 weeks of paid vacation – out the gate!!
    • Competitive Salary.
    • Generous medical, dental, and vision plans.
    • Sick, and paid holidays are offered.
    • Stand/ sit workstations at our amenity-rich office in Irvine, CA.
    • Casual environment.
    • Kitchen stocked with snacks and drinks on site.
    • Hybrid and Remote options are available
    • Work with talented and collaborative co-workers.
$150,000 - $180,000 a year
Please note the national salary range listed in the job posting reflects the new hire salary range across levels and U.S. locations that would be applicable to the position. The final salary will be commensurate with the candidate's accepted hiring level and work location. Also, this range represents base salary only and does not include equity, or benefits if applicable.

LEO Technologies is committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or another legally protected status.