AD/ADAS Test Engineer

Long Beach, CA
US Experience – Electronic Systems Testing (4054) /
Full-time /
Embedded in a worldwide network Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America continuously strives to remain at the forefront of successful automotive research and development. MBRDNA is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with key areas of Autonomous Driving, Advanced Interaction Design, Digital User Experience, Machine Learning, Customer Research, and Open Innovation. In Farmington Hills, Michigan, the focus is on Powertrain and eDrive technology as well as in Long Beach, where the teams test durability of the latest driver assistant and telematic systems. The Digital Hub in Seattle focusses on developing a cloud architecture and building out the cloud platform for the next generation of connected car services. The Testing and Regulatory Affairs Division in Ann Arbor and the Advanced Vehicle Design in Carlsbad complete the competence center.

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc. (MBRDNA) is seeking an AD/ADAS Test Engineer to join the US Experience team. This is a full-time, exempt position at the MBRDNA regional office in Long Beach, CA.

The US Experience team drives to establish Mercedes-Benz as a technology leader in the US luxury segment by translating the combined One Voice US strategy to customers in impactful propositions that enhance the customer experience and create market pull.  Our goal is to deliver research and broad knowledge that can influence and drive innovation in the US market in terms of improved vehicle features at different touch points throughout the customer journey.

The responsibility of this role is to lead Automated Driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (AD/ADAS) testing to test, evaluate, and drive local market improvements of AD/ADAS systems in the USA and Canadian Markets for Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles.  
Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc. (MBRDNA) is seeking an AD/ADAS Test Engineer to join the US Experience team. This is a full-time, exempt position at the MBRDNA regional office in Long Beach, CA.

In addition, this role should provide technical input on all USA and Canadian-market topics to support the related development departments for local market adaptations. This can include system specification reviews and revisions, certification and regulatory reviews. This includes both SAE Level-2 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Level-3 Automated Driving projects and responsibilities. 

Job Responsibilities:

    • USA and Canadian-market focused testing of Automated Driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems:
    • Systematically test and evaluate the performance of AD/ADAS systems, with a focus on US-market specific conditions. Collect measurement data to identify, analyze, and document potential issues found during testing.
    • Review all system faults with first level analysis for root cause and defect routing. Track open faults, provide support to functional owners for further fault analysis, and defect fix confirmation.
    • Summarize faults and findings into a release report, and submit to responsible departments in a systematic and timely manner. Provide Release Recommendation reports as required, based on system performance in the local market.

    • USA and Canadian-market technical input for all SAE Level-2 and Level-3 at MBRDNA, including:
    • Provide technical support and consulting for various regulatory and certification topics.
    • An understanding of competitive AD/ADAS systems in the US-market, including system attributes, system performance, and driver feedback and monitoring performance. Utilize this knowledge to review and judge Mercedes-Benz product performance objectively and subjectively compared to competitive systems, and provide feedback and actionable improvements to development departments. 
    • Create component and system performance specifications based on unique USA market road and infrastructure conditions, traffic conditions, driver behaviors, or customer expectations

    • Maintaining and updating test vehicles to the latest SW/HW levels:
    • Update and maintain SW and HW on dedicated test vehicle to both released and pre-released levels. The ability to flash ECUs, calibrate sensors, and perform ECU readouts is required.
    • Update and maintain the vehicle measurement equipment to ensure proper operation at all times.
    • Utilize experience in advanced troubleshooting of complex CAN/Flexray/Ethernet based network architectures
    • Create and support workshop orders required for more involved ECU/HW updates.

    • Communication and Reporting:
    • Keep regular communication with internal and external departments in order to stay informed on regularly shifting timelines related to all previously mentioned tasks.
    • Maintain vehicle scheduling and track hardware and software availability in order to complete tasks on time and minimize vehicle down time.
    • Support other engineering teams as needed and to stay informed of feature development, issues, and release status for AD/ADAS systems.

    • Other responsibilities:
    • Develop testing strategies and planning for ADAS testing projects, test routes, test methods, and reporting.
    • Establish performance metrics relating to key ADAS testing deliverables and track on a recurring basis.
    • Support budget planning and updates with customer departments.
    • Support other engineering teams with vehicle testing and system knowledge when requested.
    • Actively work on process development and continuous improvement.
    • Align and share project status and testing results with other international testing sites.
    • Research US specific traffic environment and condition related to Automated Driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Minimum Qualifications:

    • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (mechanical, computer, computer science, mechatronics, electrical, etc)
    • AD/ADAS Knowledge: Knowledge of Automated Driving and Driver Assistance Systems.  Knowledge of competitor systems and all AD/ADAS sensor technologies.
    • Project Management Skills: Ability to coordinate across multiple departments the vehicle updating, testing, and reporting in order to deliver on-time results in a dynamic environment.
    • Organizational and Leadership Skills:  Ability to organize people, budgets, logistics, and workshop tasks within the Tech Center, as well as with the customer departments, functional teams, and management in Germany. Ability to participate and lead groups on test-drives.
    • Interpersonal and Team skills: Experience in intercultural environment, German language skills favored to read and understand project requirements and communicate with counterparts in Germany. Must be able to independently build-up working relationships with intra-company expert departments in Germany.
    • Ability to travel up to 30% including domestic and international business trips and test drives. This includes test trips that require frequent overnight and weekend travel.
    • Periodically lift up to 25 pounds primarily for the preparation of test drives and accompanying equipment.
    • Frequent use of speech, vision, hearing, use of hands for computer use and presentations. Frequent sitting, standing and reaching with hands.
    • Frequent sitting and gripping with hands.
    • Valid US Driver License with a clean driving record and 3 years of licensed driving experience. Note that after a conditional offer of employment is made, your driving record will be subject to review during a standard background check. 

Preferred Qualifications:

    • Automotive Development Knowledge: Understanding of vehicle development process. Familiarity with vehicle networking architecture (CAN, Flexray, etc), common diagnostic tools and measurement systems such as CANoe, DTS Monaco, as well as ability to analyze and interpret diagnostic and fault measurements to trouble shoot issues.  
The successful candidate’s starting pay will be determined based on a wide range of factors, including, but not limited to, job-related education, skills, and experience, geographic location, and market conditions. The current salary range for this position is as follows and may be modified in the future: $99,100 - $124,000. 

Why should you apply?
Here at MBRDNA, you create digital ecosystems around cars, you design a language between humans and machines, you make a car even more intelligent - you make the new reality for cars. We have an open and flexible environment to allow you to push boundaries, join MBRDNA and design your future.

Benefits for Full-Time* Employees Include:
• Medical, dental, and vision insurance for employees and their families
• 401(k) with employer match
• Up to 18 company-paid holidays
• Paid time off (unlimited for salaried employees), sick time, and parental leave
• Tuition assistance program
• Wellness/Fitness reimbursement programs
• Vehicle lease subsidy or company car (for eligible employees only)
* Internships & Contractors excluded from Full-Time Employee benefits

MBRDNA is an equal opportunity employer (EOE) and strongly supports diversity in the workforce. MBRDNA only accepts resumes from approved agencies who have a valid Agency Agreement on file. Please do not forward resumes to our applicant tracking system, MBRDNA employees, or send to any MBRDNA location.  MBRDNA is not responsible for any fees or claims related to receipt of unsolicited resumes.

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