Senior iOS Engineer - NYC

New York City – Mobile /
Full-time /
You will join our NYC-based Content Team alongside other iOS engineers in Europe to work on the native Swift Medal app. The app lets users watch gaming clips from other players, and also store/share/manage clips of their own. We plan to rapidly iterate with social and content experiences in the app.

We are looking for someone that can take on big features alone, come up with architecture or performance improvements that make a tangible difference to our users, keep on top of analytics as the product evolves, and of course chip away at bugs. As part of a young start-up, this is an opportunity to help define the hard problems you'll end up working on.

We are building a world-class iOS team with diversified skills and backgrounds and we're excited to find our next engineer to help grow native mobile at Medal.


    • Minimum of 3 years of experience as an iOS engineer. This is not a junior position - you must have significant real-world experience working autonomously in an iOS engineering team
    • A love for gaming, however you define it.
    • An interest in product and taking ownership of broad product areas (likes to run experiments, talk to users, and use the product avidly)
    • Deep UIKit, Foundation, and Swift knowledge
    • Experience shipping a widely-used iOS native app
    • Practiced at using analytics, testing, user feedback, bug, and crash reports to inform app development
    • Experience using REST APIs and working with backend teams to accomplish product goals
    • Reactive programming experience
    • You read and write well and can communicate and collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously


    • A love for gaming, however, you'd define that!
    • Capability to develop on Android and iOS
    • Is a user – if so, be sure to share a clip below
    • Experience with other Apple technologies - Objective-C, iPadOS, macOS...
    • Using SwiftUI in production
    • Working with video on mobile (performance, encoding, AVFoundation etc.)
    • Maintenance of CI systems – Github Actions a plus


    • Xcode, Swift, Tuple, Github Actions, Github Issues, Postman, Clubhouse, Figma
$180,000 - $200,000 a year

We hope to hear from you! When you apply, please make sure to include:
• Links to apps you’ve released/portfolio, and a description of your contributions
• Links to any online profiles (Github, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc)
• A description of your professional experience (resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, or similar)