Executive Assistant & Administrator

Brisbane, QLD /
Mycelium Services – Operations /
Remote - Full-Time
Mycelium is a rapidly expanding network that is looking for driven and talented individuals to reimagine trust. We are a collective of software engineers, data scientists, economists and creatives, whom are committed to the future of a decentralised web. Our efforts focus on two distinct areas: data and finance. Mycelium is a globally distributed company with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and team members in London, Dallas and New York.

At Mycelium, the role of Executive Assistant & Administrator will serve a high functioning and highly performant executive team. In addition to managing day-to-day activities, calendar, travel, expenses, as well as other projects and ad hoc tasks, the Executive Assistant & Administrator will be a strong communicator and real-time problem solver.

While respecting transparency, and an open source community, there are some aspects to our work that requires absolute discretion around confidential and sensitive information. The Executive Assistant & Administrator will thrive in a fast moving industry, have incredible attention to detail, a ruthless ability to prioritise important work and focus their attention.

Mycelium serves a global network, and whilst the role is based in Australia, the Executive Assistant & Administrator must have a global mindset, be very familiar with managing various time zones, and be confident to execute.

Your Mission

    • Manage calendars, booking internal and external meetings (multiple time zones and locations)
    • Be the primary point of contact for people trying to book time with the executives
    • Book domestic and international travel, accommodation and transfers, where required, (including: mobile technology, passport, visa requirements, travel insurance, vaccination requirements)
    • Communication on decisions, action items and assigned tasks from the meetings
    • Take the lead of internal company-wide meetings, working with the Office Manager and Event Coordinator
    • Work with the Communications team to coordinate any speaking engagements, interviews or public commitments
    • Client liaison and internal stakeholder liaison across all levels of the organisation
    • Play the role of gatekeeper for the executives, fielding calls, first communication stop, manage diaries


    • Extreme efficiency in capturing notes and action items from meetings, including follow-up
    • Expense management, ensuring timely filing and full details are provided to finance
    • Respect and maintain the highest level of professionalism and strict confidentiality, at all times
    • Handle all communications with confidentiality and accuracy, ensuring that messages are redirected appropriately, and communications are tracked accordingly
    • Preparation and distribution of information, including obtaining from relevant stakeholders, to report in a timely manner
    • High degree of professionalism and exercising strong judgment and discretion with confidential information
    • Perform an extensive array of core administrative tasks and ad hoc special projects
    • Strong proficiency with Google suite, and aptitude to learn new software and asynchronous tools like Notion, Discord, Loom
    • Ability to work independently, and well, under pressure
    • Flexible and possess the ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently


    • 5 years experience supporting executives
    • Clear and concise communicator; gravitas with communicating at a senior level
    • A high level of integrity and discretion
    • Strong organizational skills and precise attention to detail
    • Excellent people skills
    • Great listening skills
    • Highly curious; fast learner

About Mycelium
Mycelium is the holding company for a host of growth-stage projects, each focusing on unique and challenging problems. Composed predominantly of software engineers, economists and creatives, Mycelium knows the impact of Web3 will be profound and irreversibly change our future. Mycelium is the creator of a Chainlink verified node, the Chainlink Oracle Reputation service, an early-stage investment fund, and is engaged by Tracer DAO to build Tracer. Mycelium is committed to reimagining trust in a new era of individualism.

Our Values
Our mission is to 'reimagine trust'. In order to reimagine trust, one must begin by reimagining transparency. We believe that the future of corporate practice is for entities to become radically transparent.

We are innovation maximalists looking to build on the cutting edge of technology with global solutions. Everything about Mycelium - from its products and services to its management of people and workflows - has innovation sewn into it.

Freedom is the value which secures the meaningful expression of all others. To operate freely in the world and not jerk to the strings of another is axiomatic. There is no life without freedom, at least not one worth living.

Freedom is the right to walk in any direction; independence is choosing the right direction. To blaze a trail with an independence of thought and purpose is something that few have the courage to do. To walk independently is the greatest of privileges.

Strong individuals can be great, but strong communities can be greater still. Choosing the right community will determine how fully you abide by these values. Never underestimate the power of a community who shares the same North Star.