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Remote - Full-Time
Mycelium is a rapidly expanding network that is looking for driven and talented individuals to Reimagine Trust. We are a collective of software engineers, data scientists, economists and creatives, whom are committed to the future of a decentralised web. Our efforts focus on two distinct areas: data and finance. Mycelium is a globally distributed company with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast and team members in London, Lisbon, Helsinki, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Toronto, Montréal, Dallas, Chicago, Austin and New York.

We are currently seeking a talented Midweight designer to join our team on a full-time basis to become part of the Tracer team. Tracer is leading the charge on the new frontier of finance – blockchain technology. As a member of the Tracer team, you will be involved in multiple projects spanning this space.

As a decentralised organisation, this role can be based anywhere in the world. See specifics in Requirements. #LI-Remote

Your Mission

    • Help Create and execute the brand vision for Tracer
    • Upholding design and experience standards
    • Work within a team structure, including the Head of Design and Head of Product
    • Responding to tight deadlines
    • Work with an International team


    • 1-2 years of design experience is a must
    • Proficiency in the Adobe suite
    • Portfolio of work that includes evidence of high standard of designs
    • Great communicator
    • High attention to detail
    • Ability to project manage multiple projects
    • An interest in the blockchain industry, especially Ethereum and DeFi is preferred, to ensure design decisions and graphics accurately represent the core concepts & workflows of the industry
    • UI/UX experience is a bonus

About Mycelium
Mycelium is the network substrate for a host of growth-stage projects, each focusing on unique and challenging problems. Composed predominantly of software engineers, economists and creatives, Mycelium knows the impact of Web3 will be profound and irreversibly change our future. Mycelium built and operate a highly performant Chainlink verified node, created Reputation DAO, an early-stage investment fund Koji Capital, and is engaged by Tracer DAO to build Tracer. Mycelium is committed to reimagining trust in a new era of individualism.

Our Values

Our mission is to 'Reimagine Trust'. In order to reimagine trust, one must begin by reimagining transparency. We believe that the future of corporate practice is for entities to become radically transparent.

We are innovation maximalists looking to build on the cutting edge of technology with global solutions. Everything about Mycelium - from its products and services to its management of people and workflows - has innovation sewn into it.

Freedom is the value which secures the meaningful expression of all others. To operate freely in the world and not jerk to the strings of another is axiomatic. There is no life without freedom, at least not one worth living.

Freedom is the right to walk in any direction; independence is choosing the right direction. To blaze a trail with an independence of thought and purpose is something that few have the courage to do. To walk independently is the greatest of privileges.

Strong individuals can be great, but strong communities can be greater still. Choosing the right community will determine how fully you abide by these values. Never underestimate the power of a community who shares the same North Star.