Senior Backend Engineer

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Hey 👋🏽 we’re looking for an all-star Senior Backend Engineer to join our team!

NewNew is building a digital marketplace that lets you vote to control the outcomes of other people’s lives. 

At NewNew, you will have the important role of working on complex databases, building video pipelines, and ensuring the platform growth continues without a glitch. You’ll be working with the engineering team to build and maintain the platform, coming up with the best solutions, and creating a great and unique experience for our users. 

The perfect person for this position is highly organized, detail-oriented, a fast learner, methodical, a great problem solver, and a team player. Prior experience as a Senior Backend Engineer is ideal, however, at your previous gig, you may have been a phenomenal: backend engineer/developer, full-stack engineer/developer, senior software engineer/developer, principal software engineer/developer, software engineer/developer, node.js engineer/developer.

😄 Who You Are

    • You have high EQ and the ability to work well independently, as well as with others
    • 5+ years of experience in Node.js
    • Proactive and not reactive
    • Self-aware and you have amazing problem-solving skills
    • Flexible in your thinking and approach
    • Forward-thinking and quick on your feet
    • Great time-management skills and able to stick to deadlines
    • Experience in at least one or preferably more of the following is a major benefit: Typescript, Express.js, Protobuf (or REST API), Websockets, PostgreSQL, Video processing (FFmpeg), Ubuntu Linux (or similar)

🤓 What You’ll Do

    • Build, implement and iterate on new features
    • Create and drive team-wide processes to ensure all devs are on the same page
    • Collaborate and work with the engineering team across all aspects of development
    • Debug your work before sharing it with stakeholders and testers
    • Take responsibility for your delivery and timelines
    • Automate as many aspects of your role so you can focus on what’s important
    • Participate in team calls with the executive and engineering team
    • Review and contribute to the functional requirements provided by the executive and product team
    • Work with the engineering team to establish best practices across the engineering team

🥰 What’s Important to Us

    • 💦 Give it 200%
    • 💫 Think nothing is impossible
    • 🧗🏽‍♀️ Take initiative & ownership
    • 🚫 Have no ego
    • 💭 Think outside the box
    • 💨 Move fast (and try not to break things)

    • We want to bring on the best people (regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, background, sexual orientation, etc.) and we want to help you unlock your full potential!