Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound (bVOC) Analytical Chemist

New York City, NY
Science – Plant Science /
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OXMAN is a hybrid Design and R&D company that fuses design, science, engineering, and biology to develop products and environments that blend these domains at multiple scales and across applications. This fusion of disciplines opens previously impossible opportunities related to bio-manufacturing, bio-production, biotic-abiotic systems, and sustainability—allowing design approaches to inspire science and science to inspire design.
At OXMAN, we question dominant modes of product and environment design that have divorced us from sustainable Natural systems by prioritizing humanity above all else (human-centric design), towards a more Nature-centric approach to design enabled by synthetic biology and different domains of the current bio-revolution. We believe Nature-centric designs can emerge at all levels of human industrial pursuit that deliver design solutions by, for, and with the natural world, while still advancing humanity. In this pursuit, we call for a radical synergy between the human-made and Nature-grown.
Approaching this class of problems demands an internal capacity to undertake exciting experimentation and application of synthetic biology principles and techniques in a variety of biological and bio-inspired systems, from single-cell organisms (i.e., prokaryotic and eukaryotic) to whole ecologies and even biotic-abiotic hybrid systems where autonomous machines (i.e., robots) may interact with biological organisms. We consider every designed construct a whole system of heterogeneous and complex interrelations—not isolated objects—that can be intrinsically connected to their environments and the organisms on it. In doing so, we open ourselves up to moving beyond mere maintenance of Nature toward its advancement.
OXMAN is seeking a Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (bVOCs) expert with analytical chemistry experience to join an all-star interdisciplinary team of deep thinkers and brilliant makers. The ideal candidate will bring a strong background in chemistry, physics, mathematics, and engineering (mechanical, electrical, computer science) and proficiency in the collection and processing of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy (GC-MS) data. They will be capable of using, building, and testing a variety of instruments, devices, and appliances for scientific analysis across scales and domains. The ideal candidate not only brings expertise in analyzing bVOC emissions, but also excels in the application of computational methods to integrate and interpret extensive data. This individual possesses a commitment to advancing our existing knowledge of plant life and its intricate connections and communications with the environment.
Successful applicants embody stellar technical skills in their respective field(s) and demonstrate a unique “language” of biology (wetware) / computing (software) / fabricating (hardware), or a combination thereof. They have produced and can present a prolific corpus of research and experimental demonstrations rooted in sound scientific approaches and process-driven design with chemistry at its core; and exemplify a passion for systems-based thinking with a wide range of potential applications for their work. They should embody a “taste in being” combining the ability to take initiative with an aptitude for nurturing collaborative teamwork across disciplines, ranging from synthetic biologists to computer scientists, graphic designers, architects, and philosophers. Industry or academic experience combined with the ability to lead research, produce striking work, and maintain intellectual and aesthetic relevance is desirable.

Core responsibilities

    • bVOC Analysis and Research: Conduct detailed research and analysis of biogenic volatile organic compounds (bVOCs) emitted by plants, utilizing advanced analytical techniques
    • Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy (GC-MS) Collection: Operate and maintain GC-MS equipment, ensuring accurate, and efficient data collection in various complex biological experiments
    • Data Interpretation and Reporting: Analyze GC-MS data to identify and quantify bVOCs, prepare detailed reports, and present findings to relevant stakeholders
    • Method Development and Validation: Develop and validate new analytical methods for bVOC analysis, ensuring they meet required standards and are suitable for specific research needs
    • Quality Control and Assurance: Implement and oversee quality control procedures to ensure the integrity and accuracy of analytical results
    • Collaboration and Teamwork: Work collaboratively with other scientists and researchers, contributing to multidisciplinary projects and studies related to bVOCs
    • Compliance and Safety: Ensure all activities regarding bVOCs comply with relevant safety and environmental regulations

Qualifications & competencies

    • Ph.D. or equivalent work experience in Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Science, or a related field
    • Proven experience in analytical chemistry, specifically in the use of GC-MS for bVOC analysis
    • Advanced skills in the operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of GC-MS equipment
    • Strong ability in data processing and interpretation, particularly with chromatography and mass spectrometry data
    • Experience and published evidence in top journals conducting scientific research in bVOC analysis
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for reporting findings and collaborating with team members
    • Familiarity with environmental regulations and safety protocols related to bVOC analysis and laboratory work
    • Understanding the complex interactions of bVOCs in the environment and their impact on ecosystems, agricultural practices, and atmospheric chemistry. The expert would be expected to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field and contribute to advancing the understanding of plant VOC emissions.
    • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment
    • Excellent project management skills, independence, self-motivation, organizational skills, and attention to detail
    • Strong commitment to the team; maintains positive working relationships with diverse people, including internal team and external partners
    • Embodies ethics and integrity in all work, respecting both company and broader community policies in all conduct
OXMAN does not discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, or any other legally protected characteristics.
NYC Salary Range: $83,000-$225,000

Salary is based on a number of factors including job-related knowledge, skills, experience, and other business and organizational needs. Our compensation package also includes variable compensation in the form of year-end bonuses, benefits, immigration assistance, and equity participation.