Database Engineer and Visualization Developer

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OXMAN is a hybrid Design and R&D company that fuses design, technology, and biology to invent multi-scale products and environments. The fusion of disciplines within our work opens previously impossible opportunities within each domain—allowing design to inspire science and science to inspire design.

At OXMAN, we question dominant modes of design that have divorced us from Nature by prioritizing humanity above all else (human-centric design). Although it is design that has caused this rift, we believe that design also offers the greatest opportunity to heal it.

We propose a Nature-centric approach that delivers design solutions by, for, and with the natural world, while advancing humanity. In this pursuit, we reject all forms of segregation and instead call for a radical synergy between human-made and Nature-grown environments.

This approach demands that we design across scales for systems-level impact. We consider every designed construct a whole system of heterogeneous and complex interrelations—not isolated objects—that are intrinsically connected to their environments. In doing so, we open ourselves up to moving beyond the mere maintenance toward the advancement of Nature.


OXMAN is seeking a Database Engineer with data visualization and data analysis expertise to join an all-star interdisciplinary team of deep thinkers and brilliant makers. In the realm of data science, they will lead the creation, consolidation, and curation of robust data set structures that include images, text, sound, time series, tables, as well as various other classes of internal and open-source data into unified large-scale data formats for efficient query and utilization by human designers as well as machine learning algorithms. Data visualization aspects will include the development of graphics and charts related to biology and sustainability, such as machine learning clustering and energy flow charts for manufacturing. The ability to communicate complex data in clear and compelling visual formats is key. Successful candidates embody a “taste in being” combining the ability to take initiative with an aptitude for nurturing collaborative teamwork across disciplines. Industry experience combined with the ability to lead research, produce striking work, and maintain intellectual and aesthetic “freshness” is desirable.

Core responsibilities

    • Lead database aggregation and curation across project stages, from ideation to concept development based on team needs and feedback
    • Maintain usability of large-scale aggregated data sets of information in cloud-based and physical repositories
    • Produce elegant and inspiring visual representations of complex data sets
    • Develop creative front-end tools for displaying live data from multiple sources
    • Configure, modify, optimize, and ensure the security of all databases and related tools
    • Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of engineers, biologists, and designers
    • Communicate ideas, work, and progress clearly, including by engaging in team meetings, presentations, and other creative communication outlets

Qualifications & competencies

    • MS or BS degree in computer science, database engineering, machine learning, data analytics, data science, business administration, graphics design, or relevant field
    • Minimum 4 years of experience with data visualization and database engineering
    • Portfolio demonstrating out-of-the-box thinking and stellar taste in design
    • Digital archival skills are a plus
    • Proficiency with Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro)
    • Advanced proficiency with front-end web development languages (e.g., Javascript, Python)
    • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment
    • Excellent independence, self-motivation, organizational skills, and attention to detail
    • An interest in design, biology, architecture, artificial intelligence, and/or sustainability is a plus
    • Strong commitment to the team; maintains positive working relationships with diverse people, including internal team and external partners
    • Embodies ethics and integrity in all work, respecting both company and broader community policies in all conduct
OXMAN does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, or any other legally protected characteristics.