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OXMAN is a hybrid Design and R&D company that fuses design, technology, and biology to invent multi-scale products and environments. The fusion of disciplines within our work opens previously impossible opportunities within each domain—allowing design to inspire science and science to inspire design.

At OXMAN, we question dominant modes of design that have divorced us from Nature by prioritizing humanity above all else (human-centric design). Although it is design that has caused this rift, we believe that design also offers the greatest opportunity to heal it.

We propose a Nature-centric approach that delivers design solutions by, for, and with the natural world, while advancing humanity. In this pursuit, we reject all forms of segregation and instead call for a radical synergy between human-made and Nature-grown environments.

This approach demands that we design across scales for systems-level impact. We consider every designed construct a whole system of heterogeneous and complex interrelations—not isolated objects—that are intrinsically connected to their environments. In doing so, we open ourselves up to moving beyond mere maintenance toward the advancement of Nature.


OXMAN is seeking a Textiles Design Engineer to join an all-star interdisciplinary team of deep thinkers and brilliant makers. This person operates at the intersection of textiles design, pattern making, and fashion, with a focus on the creation of wearables. They embody both technical and aesthetic rigor in applying computation as a language for the mediation of craft and engineering for the development of novel design paradigms, digital and physical tools, and tangible materials. In this role, they will pioneer fabrication tools and techniques related to 3D printing, knitting, weaving, and CNC machines, among other platforms that extend the possibilities of programmable textiles.

The Textiles Design Engineer will contribute to a range of projects at OXMAN, spanning client-specific design work and platform technology development. This way of thinking and making enables them to facilitate mediation and dialog, opening opportunities for non-obvious interactions and combined systems that unite physical, digital, and biological elements.

Core responsibilities

    • Develop design processes, embodiments, and tools to explore textiles design and fabrication across biomimetic, biointegrated, and biosynthethic systems
    • Construct complex and often unconventional textile forms by designing patterns, sewing prototypes, and leveraging deep machine expertise to adapt and augment fabrication technology across virtual and physical domains
    • Translate the team's sketches and ideas into practical design solutions, taking an open-minded and innovative approach to fabrication methods
    • Maintain a design library of patterns, textures, colors, concepts, and tools
    • Maintain awareness of materials and fabric development in the industry
    • Coordinate with textiles vendors and partners to ensure production is seamless
    • Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of engineers, biologists, and designers
    • Communicate ideas, work, and progress clearly, including by engaging in team meetings, presentations, and other creative communication outlets

Qualifications & competencies

    • Minimum 4 years of experience in a design, production, or fashion studio
    • Portfolio demonstrating out-of-the-box thinking and stellar taste in design
    • Technical mastery of relevant digital design and physical fabrication tools, including previous hands-on experience with CNC knitting machines and digital looms
    • Strong understanding of the physics of woven and knitted textiles, fibers, and materials
    • Strong understanding of artistic fundamentals of composition, form, and color
    • Strong sewing skills and an ability to properly construct garments
    • Proficiency in design software tools (e.g., Rhino, Grasshopper, CLO3D, KnitPaint, Stoll M1)
    • Research experience in 3D knitting, 3D weaving, and/or related fields
    • Excellent hand-sketching and visual communication skills
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Strong “maker” mindset and skill set
    • Strong commitment to the team; maintains positive working relationships with diverse people, including internal team and external partners
    • Embodies ethics and integrity in all work, respecting both company and broader community policies in all conduct
OXMAN does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, or any other legally protected characteristics.

NYC Pay Range: $83,000–$150,000
Pay is based on a number of factors including market location and may vary depending on job-related knowledge, skills, experience, and other business and organizational needs.