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United States
Peter H. Diamandis Ventures – Abundance360 /
Remote Flexible (Ideally in the Los Angeles area) /
The Opportunity:

Abundance360 (A360), led by visionary entrepreneur Dr. Peter Diamandis, is searching for an innovative and strategic Head of Community. This pivotal role will drive the transformation of A360's community engagement, shifting the spotlight from Peter to the vibrant and dynamic community itself. Working directly with Peter and his leadership team, you'll have the unique opportunity to craft and execute cutting-edge engagement strategies that will have a transformative impact on the A360 community.

As A360's Head of Community, your mission is to enhance the membership experience through immersive and impactful interactions that foster deep connections and deliver unparalleled value. From leading and executing virtual workshops and masterminds to empowering members to organize local meetups, you'll ensure each touchpoint enriches the community experience, ultimately driving member retention, referrals, and the overall growth of the A360 community.

This is more than a role—it's an opportunity to lead, innovate, and shape the future of engagement within a network of top-tier entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders. If you're a visionary strategist with a proven track record of community leadership success and a passion for exponential technologies and global impact, we invite you to apply to join the A360 team and determine your mutual fit potential.

What You'll Do: Engage, Connect, Elevate 🚀

    • Mastermind and Execute Unparalleled Engagement Strategies: You'll design and execute a year-round calendar of transformative engagement experiences, including virtual workshops, masterminds, and unconference-style sessions. Each event will be meticulously crafted to foster deep connections and deliver unrivaled value to members.
    • Empower Member-Led Local Meetups: You'll inspire and support community members to plan and produce impactful local events. Your leadership will enable members to create meaningful, city-based meetups that strengthen the A360 community network.
    • Personalize Member Onboarding and Engagement: You'll conduct welcoming introductory and regular check-in calls with members. You'll build detailed member profiles and suggest valuable connections to ensure members feel seen, heard, and deeply connected within the community.
    • Facilitate Value-Added Networking: You'll provide personalized introductions to members, ensuring each interaction adds significant value to their network. You'll act as a catalyst for creating impactful and lasting connections.
    • Drive Vibrant Community Interaction: You'll actively manage and contribute to discussions on LinkedIn and WhatsApp groups, ensuring dynamic, relevant, and engaging interactions across all platforms. You'll oversee and support the production of member-focused and public-facing newsletters, highlighting new members, community needs, and significant topics of interest.
    • Oversee the AbundanceHub Portal: You'll manage the AbundanceHub community portal, ensuring it remains a central hub for member engagement. You'll collaborate closely with the tech team to develop and enhance innovative community engagement tools such as an engagement dashboard, conversation starters, and AI-driven matchmaking features.
    • Strategize and Implement Event Engagement: You'll plan and execute high-impact member matching and networking sessions at major events, elevating the overall member experience. You'll maximize the impact of these events to foster deeper connections and engagement.
    • Pioneer Innovative Community Initiatives: You'll explore and implement groundbreaking community initiatives, including moonshot projects, mentorship programs, and exclusive member benefits. You'll drive the evolution of the A360 community with your innovative mindset.
    • Develop and Execute Transformative Annual Community Plan: You'll craft and execute an annual community plan that aligns with A360's goals, ensuring sustained engagement and growth. Your strategic planning will set the stage for a thriving and dynamic community.

What You'll Bring: Vision, Connectivity, Leadership 🌟

    • Proven Community Leadership Expertise: You have a track record of success in a Head of Community, Community Management, or a similar role, preferably within a tech or innovation-driven environment. Your leadership will be instrumental in taking A360's community engagement to unprecedented heights.
    • High-Net-Worth Relationship Building Mastery: You have a deep understanding of creating and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships among high and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Your ability to connect and engage this demographic will be vital for community growth and retention.
    • Exceptional Organizational and Event Management Skills: You possess outstanding organizational skills and experience in orchestrating transformative digital events. You'll expertly plan and execute a variety of community experiences that deliver significant value and foster strong connections.
    • Outstanding Interpersonal and Communication Skills: You have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills that enable you to effectively engage with members, understand their needs, and ensure their voices are heard within the community.
    • Digital Proficiency: You are proficient in leveraging digital tools and platforms to enhance community engagement. Your technical skills will help elevate the member experience through innovative engagement tools and platforms.
    • Visionary and Innovative Thinking: You have a creative and forward-thinking mindset with the ability to lead projects and inspire others. Your innovative approach will be essential in developing new community initiatives and driving continuous improvement.

What Sets You Apart: Expertise, Extras, and a Drive for Excellence 🎓

    • Proven Track Record of Community Engagement Success: You have demonstrated success in creating and implementing innovative community strategies that drive engagement and retention, showcasing your ability to think outside the box and deliver results.
    • Passion for Exponential Technologies and Global Impact: Your familiarity with Peter Diamandis' work and a genuine passion for his vision of global abundance and exponential technology will enable you to align closely with the organization's mission and values.
    • Advanced Technological Insight: Your ability to leverage the latest technological tools and platforms to enhance community engagement and foster deeper connections within the A360 network sets you apart.
    • Holistic Engagement Vision: Your comprehensive approach to community engagement goes beyond traditional methods to include groundbreaking, innovative initiatives that align with A360's mission and values.
    • Location Advantage: You are ideally based in Los Angeles, CA, or willing to relocate, your physical proximity to the A360 team and local community will enable you to engage more deeply and effectively, setting you apart as a candidate.

The Hiring Process: Your Journey to Joining Abundance360 📝

    • Stage 1A (Initial Connect): Our journey together begins with a conversation to explore your career trajectory, aspirations, and how you align with the Head of Community role at PHD Ventures. This is our chance to understand your background and for you to get a glimpse of oA360's deeper mission, vision, and culture.
    • Stage 1B (PHD Video Intro): You'll create a brief video introduction (5 minutes max) for Dr. Diamandis and the A360 team. This unique opportunity allows you to showcase your expertise, passion, and alignment with A360's mission beyond your resume.
    • Stage 2 (Work Sample Project): We see the Abundance360 community leadership role as an opportunity to engage exceptional talent and prepare them for leading our global initiatives. You'll be asked to complete a work sample project that reflects the type of work you'll be doing as Head of Community.
    • Stage 3 (Panel Interview): This video interview with the Hiring Manager and key team members will focus on your work sample project. You'll delve into the details of your project, respond to insightful questions from the team, and have ample time to assess mutual fit by asking questions of your own.
    • Stage 4 (Founder Connect): This crucial stage involves a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Peter Diamandis. You'll have the opportunity to discuss your vision for the A360 community, share your motivations, and explore how your goals align with Peter's vision for Abundance360. This conversation ensures a deep mutual fit between you and the organization's mission.
    • Stage 5 (Final Review & Offer): If a true mutual fit happens, we'll extend a competitive offer, inviting you to join Abundance360 as their Head of Community. We hope you'll accept and become a vital part of A360's mission to elevate global abundance and exponential thinking.

What's In It For You: Elevate Your Impact, Embrace Abundance 🌍

    • Competitive Compensation & Bonus Structure: A360 offers a base salary range of $120,000 - $160,000, commensurate on experience. In addition, A360 offers a lucrative performance bonus of up to 100% of the base salary (determined by role and accountabilities, level of responsibility, performance, tenure, and embodiment of core values).
    • Comprehensive Benefits Package: From day one, enjoy a full suite of benefits including Medical, Dental, Vision insurance, Healthcare Spending Accounts, 401k plans, Life, and AD&D insurance. We're committed to supporting your health and well-being.
    • Flexible Working Conditions: Preferably based in Los Angeles, but with flexibility for remote work. We value work-life harmony and offer arrangements that enable you to excel in your role, no matter where you are.
    • Exclusive Access & Professional Growth: Gain insider access to Abundance360, XPRIZE events, and other high-profile gatherings. Benefit from direct mentorship by Peter Diamandis and connect with a network of industry leaders and innovators.
    • Investment in Your Well-being: Beyond traditional benefits, we provide stipends for activities that enhance your well-being. Whether it's a gym membership, wellness retreats, or personal development courses, we support your holistic growth.
    • Mission-Driven Environment: Be part of a vibrant team that's dedicated to leveraging exponential technologies for global impact. Your work will directly contribute to empowering leaders to address humanity's grandest challenges.
About PHD Ventures

PHD Ventures is Peter H Diamandis' operating company and venture studio. PHD Ventures manages the Abundance360 and Abundance Platinum programs and incubates new startups built and managed by the team. This also includes PHD Media, which oversees Peter’s blogs, podcasts, and other media-related products.

About Abundance360

Abundance360 (A360) is a community of extraordinary CEOs, executives, and investors who aim to transform their lives and their companies. Founded by Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, A360 is driven by the mission to empower leaders to tackle the world's grandest challenges through the lens of abundance, exponential technologies, and entrepreneurial innovation.

About Abundance360 Summit

The Abundance360 Summit is an exclusive annual event that brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders to explore the convergence of technology, business, and culture. With memberships priced at $10K, $23.5K, and $45K, we offer unparalleled access to cutting-edge insights, strategies, and networking opportunities designed to empower our members to thrive in an era of exponential change.

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