Fullstack Developer - Blockchain

Remote, India
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Job Title: Fullstack Blockchain Developer
Experience: 4+ Years
Tech Stack: Blockchain, Typescript, Nodejs, Microservices, NextJS, TailwingCSS, WebGL
Location: Remote

**Note: This position is with one of our hiring partners

Position Overview:
As a Fullstack Blockchain Developer, you will play a pivotal role in developing innovative blockchain solutions and digital art experiences. You will work closely with our cross-functional team to design, implement, and optimize user-centric applications, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as TypeScript, Next.js, Node.js, and smart contracts on Ethereum, Tezos, and Base blockchains. From frontend interface enhancements to backend infrastructure optimization, you will have the opportunity to contribute to every stage of the development lifecycle and make a lasting impact on our projects. This role offers flexibility and autonomy, allowing you to collaborate with us on a freelance basis while pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity. If you are passionate about blockchain innovation and enjoy working on diverse and challenging projects, we invite you to join our team and be part of our exciting journey in the digital art space.


    • Implement and optimize user interface features using Next.js and TailwindCSS.
    • Develop and integrate social media login functionality to enhance user accessibility and engagement.
    • Design and deploy microservices using Node.js and Lambda services.
    • Develop custom indexers for Ethereum, Tezos, and Base blockchains.
    • Write and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum, Tezos, and Base for unique art minting processes.
    • Implement wallet authentication and streamline wallet management interfaces.
    • Optimize PostgreSQL database queries and structures for high performance.
    • Utilize Go for performance-critical backend services.
    • Conduct A/B testing on various UI/UX elements to determine user-friendly design choices.
    • Iterate and deploy UI/UX fixes based on user feedback.
    • Integrate additional payment gateways for more flexible purchasing options.
    • Develop a feature for users to highlight and promote selected art projects on their profiles.


    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field (preferred).
    • Minimum of 4 years of fullstack development experience, with expertise in blockchain technologies.
    • Proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects from conception to deployment.
    • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work independently.
    • Strong communication skills and ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.
    • Hustler mentality with a passion for learning and exploring new technologies.
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