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Pesto is where developers go to build their career path for the next 5 years.

The world is remote. With this changing world, developers need to adapt - collaboration & communication is a challenge. Most developers struggle with finding what’s next in their careers, it’s difficult to go through the clutter & make a decision about the future - that’s where we come in! 

Pesto removes the unknown unknowns in the lives of developers. We do this by making them go through a 6-month program in which we give them exposure to the concepts of product, design & business apart from just engineering. This helps them make many better-informed decisions or land better jobs in the direction they choose.

We're backed by Balaji Srinivasan, Katie Stanton, Ryan Hoover, Matrix Partners & a series of top angels from India & US. We've shared more details about our culture at this link here. We'd recommend you go through it before you apply.


We're looking to hire Business development associates for inside sales. You'll be the first line of defense for Pesto - you'll qualify leads & counsel candidates who're looking to join the program.


    • Years of Exp 2-4 Years
    • Prior experience os selling B2b, edtech or Saas
    • Experience with qualification of leads & building relationships
    • Good written & verbal communication - good writers succeed with us since we're remote
    • Understanding of salesforce & other modern tech stack


    • Responsible to manage & convert leads for versatile Pesto programs
    • Providing in-depth information to prospective learners
    • Identifying references through the existing students to increase the pipeline
    • Details pertaining to lead discussions & conversion should be updated in real-time on CRM (Salesforce) software
    • Responsible for adherence to the admission process, tools, and data management
    • Meet and overachieve the given target in terms of revenue as well as the number of enrolments
    • Maintain effective communication till the time learner is onboarded

Must Haves

    • Great writer who's good at documentation & making notes
    • Oral communication skills & empathy driven approach
    • Great listening skills
    • Proactive collaborator active across communication channels
At Pesto, we value talent density a lot. We believe when people who’re talented & are amazing human beings - we think magic happens. If you’re someone who fits into our culture - we’d love to hear from you! We’ll make sure we make the next few years memorable for all of us.

Alternatively, we'd highly recommend you to not apply in case you don't associate with our culture. We believe no one is a bad/good employee - we want to make sure you enjoy working at Pesto & everyone else enjoys working with you as well. We'd recommend you to go through this document to help you get a better understanding of our culture.