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Inclusive Finance for Emerging Markets.

Pillow exists to accelerate economic opportunities in emerging and frontier markets.

Nearly 3B users across Africa, LatAm, and South East Asia are deprived of foundational financial services that are taken for granted in North America, EU, and India/China. In addition, many of these markets struggle with complex socioeconomic and policy challenges, ranging from inflation and devaluation to third/unregulated markets for securities and forex, which further accentuates the need for access to global economic opportunities.

Our mission is to become the default platform for access to global assets across emerging and frontier markets. We develop and distribute financial services, for these markets by leveraging both trad-fi and digital asset technology rails, collaborating with globally accredited financial institutions, and building highly engaged local communities around financial literacy.

This mission has enabled us to solve real financial challenges in markets such as Nigeria for thousands of people.

Pillow is backed and trusted by reputed investors including Accel, Elevation Capital, Quona, Jump Capital, and others, who have collectively invested over $21 mn across our Seed and Series A rounds, additionally bringing expertise in fintech, digital assets, and consumer product building.

Pillow’s stellar team members operate on a high degree of freedom and ownership. We believe in setting a fair, transparent, performance-driven culture that incentivizes you to be your best.

Participation in global financial markets for emerging market consumers is broken. 

Across emerging markets, the awareness, intent, and ability to participate in global financial markets have gone up in consumers. 

There are clear trends and market environments that trigger this
Internet - Access to information and communities leads to increased awareness of investing in foreign assets (eg: US stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies) 
Increased Disposable Income - Globally, better access to education and increased adoption of remote work, among other factors have vastly improved the earning capabilities of young, urban people in developing countries. This additional income seeks new opportunities for wealth creation
Poor Local Financial Markets - While consumers have caught up, in most developing countries, financial infrastructure lacks far behind. Local equity and debt markets struggle to provide good, secure instruments
Poor real-estate Markets - Real estate continues to be out of reach for most young people, partly due to poor real-estate financing infrastructure, and partly due to limited access to real estate
Inflation - Inflation continues to be a major driver of the increased adoption of alternate savings/investment instruments across emerging markets. 

However, access to global investment opportunities is limited, if not completely broken. 

There are disjoint investment apps serving either only digital assets (with limited distribution and poor user experiences) or only limited securities (with complex onboarding and delivery procedures). 

Pillow is building core global savings/investments/transaction products for users across emerging markets and distributing them en masse. 


    • You are passionate about solving financial problems for emerging market consumers 
    • You possess the intent and ability to develop deep empathy for users in underserved markets
    • You have the ability to hire and lead a group of talented product managers, analysts, and user researchers
    • You are able to contribute directly to product and feature roadmaps, own business metrics, and align stakeholders
    • You are able to lead technology and business teams toward a common goal without direct authority


    • Over 5 years of experience launching and scaling consumer products in India, Asia, Africa, or Latin America
    • Experience working with the greater investment ecosystem including but not limited to equities, debt, digital assets, etc.  
    • Experience working with the greater payments ecosystem including but not limited to cards (debit, credit), payment gateways, PSPs, etc. 
    • Front-end experience working with Design and Content to ideate user-facing features, bringing theoretical concepts to life
    • Ability to work directly with engineers to develop use cases, build inspiring narratives, prioritize features, and evaluate short-term vs. long-term trade-offs
    • Expertise in data-driven decision-making with tools such as CleverTap, MixPanel, SQL, etc. 
    • You thrive in a startup culture: dealing with a fast pace, changing needs, and limited resources
At Pillow, we’re looking for highly adaptable individuals with passion and ownership of their roles. We recommend you try your hand and apply for this position even if your experience doesn’t match the entirety of the description. Your skills will stand out and set you apart from the rest if you’ve had your share of twists and turns that challenge the norms. Join us!