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The Role & You

We're adding an experienced software engineer to build & maintain Qri's frontend software stack.

This isn’t your first React project, not by a long shot. You’ve gone toe-to-toe with webpack & have the scars to prove it. At some point you gave in, embraced Typescript, and haven’t looked back since. At the same time you understand that strong typing & generics are powerful tools that can quickly complicate a codebase. You’ve come to realize the true challenge with a React codebase is managing props & composition. Scaling a component library as an application grows is an art form.

Our frontend needs are real. If building a notebook-style cell-driven code editor with a service worker-backed autocompletion engine sounds like an exciting challenge, you should apply for this job.

About Qri

Qri is a distributed, open source platform for publishing, discovering and collaborating on datasets. Our users can build datasets that update themselves (automated workflows), and understand how a dataset evolves across versions (via version histories and change reports / diffs).

We build software for technical data wizards - data engineers, researchers, analysts, and the teams that work with them. We also help companies spin up private dataset networks to work across assets, disparate data sources, and departments. We’re venture-backed, and have been in business for over four years. We’re mostly based in Brooklyn, NY, but we have teammates across 3 countries and several time zones. Here’s more about our current team.


Somewhere between $135,000-$170,000 USD annually, depending on skills and experience. We’ll negotiate this with you. The more powerful your skills, the more we can pay you. We also offer equity options to full-time employees. 

Key Responsibilities

    • Work closely with the Qri engineering team to build and maintain features on the next version of Qri Cloud (written with typescript, react, and redux).
    • Coding up react components and UX flows based on pre-made sketch mockups.
    • Submitting work via github
    • Pull Requests that land components first as storybook stories, then integrated on Qri Cloud (currently being rebuilt).
    • Writing spectron end-to-end tests to confirm behavior across the platforms we support. You’ll have patterns & examples in place for writing tests.

Qualifications & Required Technical Skills (About you)

    • Experience building with React
    • Experience with any of Typescript, Storybook, and Webpack is a plus
    • Familiarity the go programming language is a plus

Benefits & Perks

    • Three weeks (21 days) paid leave annually for full-time employees
    • Health, dental, and vision benefits available for you and your family
    • Flexible working hours + working arrangements (most engineering staff work 4-day weeks).
    • Fully distributed / remote work (optional & flexible, even for NYC-based teammates).
Working at Qri

We insist that any job you take with us sits at the intersection of your interests (personal and professional) and company needs, ideally weighing both equally. We’ve found this to be valuable both to keeping employees engaged in the work they do, and our project on track to meet our company goals. 

We love “T-shaped” people with deep vertical expertise in one area and a wide (horizontal) set of skills applicable across a range of projects. At any startup you may need to wear several hats, and we want people who get excited about that. We value teamwork over technical competency. There’s a lot you can and will learn, and we believe that being a great teammate will help you learn what you need quickly and that Qri will be in better shape in the long term. 

Finally, we work largely in the open. We were founded to support open data, our code is mostly open source, and we record and publish our bi-weekly community call meetings with Qri users and developers. We hope you’re cool with that. 

Start Date: Anywhere from now until whenever works for you.

Hiring Process:  We’ll set up remote/video interviews with select candidates, and may invite you to complete a simple project, code walkthrough, or open source contribution which will test your skills and reflect the kind of work you’ll be doing with us.