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Repeat is the easiest way to reorder stuff online. We work with some of the coolest CPG brands out there, including Hydrant, Mid Day Squares and Youth to the People. Together, we’re helping them solve one of their biggest problems: Retention. 

While brands continue to invest in offering subscriptions, most consumers today don’t want to subscribe to their everyday goods, like toothpaste, toilet paper and tic tacs (those orange ones, though). That leaves about 90% of customers looking for a better way to buy again. 

That’s where we come in.

CPG brands use Repeat to give consumers faster reordering experiences and just-in-time notifications—so they never run out and repeat purchase rates keep climbing.

Some cool facts about Repeat’s impact on reordering:
- When customers use Repeat carts, they often head to checkout in less than 15 seconds.
- When brands use Repeat carts in their email replenishment flows, they increase conversion rates from those flows by 57%.
- We’ve grown the total sales dollars generated by Repeat more than 300% in the last year.

But here’s the thing: A lot of that awesome work? No one knows the full story—not the brands we work with nor their customers. 

So, we need you. Our first community manager.

About The Role

Because we’re small, you’ll wear a lot of hats at first. Some of it will feel more like social, other parts of it will feel more like product marketing. Maybe even a little content. But all of it will be focused on creating experiences that:

- Connect Repeat customers and prospects so they can expand their personal networks and solve their repeat/retention problems together.
- Inspire Repeat customers to do more with Repeat while learning from others.
- Bring the voice of the customer (both brands and consumers) into our creative assets and campaigns.
- Create a social presence for Repeat that attracts interest from brands and consumers alike.

Over time, you’ll likely be able to specialize in one specific area. You’ll work with our Head of Marketing to find that area of focus and become the best there is at it.

What You’ll Learn

As you grow at Repeat, you’ll be given opportunities to expand your scope quickly.

Because your role will straddle both acquisition and retention/expansion, you’ll learn how expansion revenue can provide a SaaS company with an unfair market advantage—as well as how to model that and impact it.

You’ll learn how to build business cases, run experiments, and quantify your impact on the business.

And if that doesn’t excite you: You’ll learn how some of the fastest-growing CPG brands are tackling retention.

Who We’re Looking For

An ideal candidate is someone who has run social media strategy for DTC brands, preferably in the CPG space, and isn’t freaked out by the idea of talking with customers. Two to four years experience would be great for this role.

If you don’t fit either of those, don’t fret. If you’ve made it this far and said “hell, yeah!” at least three times, apply anyway. Just be sure to tell us what has you so fired up when you apply.