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At RabbitHole, we're working hard on making it easier for protocols to distribute their token to revolutionize the way work is done by developing the best way for protocols to incentivize network participants. You'll be working on the cutting edge of crypto with a team of people who are crypto-native, mission-driven, and endlessly curious.

What is RabbitHole's mission?
RabbitHole's mission is to make crypto more accessible and meritocratic. We know crypto can be a scary place and downright predatory — we want to fix that.

What problem are we solving?
Protocols are constantly looking for new ways to find and engage their network participants, but don’t have an easy way to do so. Tokens of these protocols often fall in the hands of investors and speculators who sit on centralized exchanges, rather than on users of these networks. This requires a dynamic in which the token holders of these protocols care more about increasing the price of the token through short-term incentives rather than creating sustainable protocols. On the other hand, new users in crypto have a difficult time in knowing where to start on their crypto journey and don’t know who to trust. 

RabbitHole is creating an efficient way for protocols to distribute their token by segmenting users based on on-chain & off-chain data. The RabbitHole platform makes it easy for users to get started in crypto, build their on-chain reputation (Skills), and discover new earning opportunities from protocols distributing their token to participants (Quests). 

Why are we solving this problem?
By making it more efficient for protocols to distribute their token to network participants, we are both driving more participation to protocols and making it easier for network participants to increase their ownership in protocols. We are putting ownership in the hands of users, rather than investors and speculators. By increasing the number of token holders who are using the network, we are making the underlying protocol more sustainable, and putting more money in the pockets of users. 

Why are we different?
RabbitHole is a group of crypto-natives who have years of experience in crypto. Compared to other crypto projects, we’re not building another Metaverse or protocol for risk — we’re making crypto more sustainable. We believe in the potential of what crypto stands for and can become, but we know that today there’s a lot to improve. RabbitHole’s platform is both educating users on the benefits of crypto while giving them earning opportunities to the top protocols.

Join us for the revolution:
We have years of runway to grow and support you on your journey. Founded in 2020, RabbitHole has raised $22M in funding, most recently in an announced Series A round in January 2022. We are backed by the best top tier crypto VCs like Electric Capital and traditional VCs like Greylock.

We're looking for customer and product-obsessed entrepreneurs who want to work with a dynamic fast-moving team and build the roadmap for RabbitHole to become the best way for protocols to distribute their token. If this is you, we are super excited to meet you and learn more.

What you'll do:

    • Lead the user experience of products and features from conception to launch in partnership with product managers, engineers, marketing, support, and executive leadership
    • Take complex, conceptual ideas and turn them into something useful and easy to use for hundreds of thousands of users
    • Contribute to strategic decisions around the future direction of RabbitHole & web3
    • Conduct research/product discovery to gather insights that inform designs to make experiences that our users love
    • Proactively raise our bar for quality, by making crypto UX more approachable for everyday people
    • Design end-to-end flows and experiences that are simple and elegant

Who you are:

    • 4+ years of experience building and shipping applications and software to users
    • Experience presenting work to a broader product team and other leaders, clearly and succinctly articulating the goals and concepts
    • Visual design skills with proficiency in desktop, color, layout, and iconography
    • Interaction design skills defining how an experience should behave based on understanding people’s needs, plus experience using prototyping to demonstrate how flows and interactions will work
    • Experience leading product direction and strategic thinking while developing product goals, identifying opportunities, and making decisions based on the impact to users and the company
    • Self-starter who easily finds areas to contribute and add value in a remote environment
    • Proficient and thoughtful with asynchronous and synchronous communication, giving and receiving feedback, and working independently and with a team
    • Demonstrated success working within a fully remote environment
    • Respect, patience, and empathy to every interaction and relationship with coworkers and the community
    • Hustle, enthusiasm, heart and a love of shipping beautiful, crafted designs
    • Ability to have four minimum hours of overlap with US-based timezones

Bonus Points

    • Experience building and creating design systems
    • Knowledge of the tradeoff between abstracting crypto to create frictionless user experiences and educating users about sovereignty
    • Experience designing crypto consumer applications at scale for a diverse user base with common web3 design principles