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At RabbitHole, our mission is to increase global economic opportunity by making crypto more accessible and meritocratic. We’re doing that by making it easy for protocols to distribute their tokens to users. We believe that by helping protocols solve token distribution, we’ll not only make crypto protocols more sustainable, but also help anyone in the world earn income through provable contribution rather than their background or credentials. 

RabbitHole has created an efficient way for protocols to distribute tokens by segmenting users based on on-chain & off-chain data. By completing on-chain tasks in various protocols, users build their on-chain resume, and earn token ownership.

What problem are we solving?
Protocols are constantly looking for new ways to find and engage users, but don’t have an easy way to do so. Tokens of these protocols often fall in the hands of speculators who sit on centralized exchanges, rather than users of these networks. On the other hand, new users in crypto have a difficult time in knowing where to start on their crypto journey and don’t know who to trust. 

Why are we solving this problem?
By making it more efficient for protocols to distribute their token to network participants, we are both driving more participation to protocols and making it easier for users to increase their ownership in protocols rather than speculators. By increasing the number of token holders who are using the network, we are making the underlying protocol more sustainable, and putting more money in the pockets of users. 

Why are we different?
RabbitHole is a group of crypto-natives who have years of experience in crypto from companies like OpenSea and Dapper Labs. Compared to other crypto projects, we’re not building another Metaverse or protocol for risk — we’re focused on helping serve existing decentralized protocols and get their tokens in the hands of the right token holders. We believe in the potential of what crypto stands for and can become, but we know that today there’s a lot to improve. We’re playing the long game.

Join us for the revolution:
We have years of runway to grow and support you on your journey. Founded in 2020, RabbitHole has raised $20M+ in funding, most recently in an announced Series A round in January 2022. We are backed by the best top tier crypto VCs like Electric Capital and traditional VCs like Greylock.

We're looking for product-obsessed individuals with early-stage startup experience who want to work with a dynamic fast-moving team and build the roadmap for RabbitHole to become the best way for protocols to distribute their token and engage their users. If this is you, we are super excited to meet you and learn more.

What You'll Do

    • You will partner closely with RabbitHole’s leadership team to identify and solve the most pressing problems at the company.
    • You will personally manage and drive key operational and strategic initiatives across the business.
    • You will partner with every function in the business and act as a “hub” who helps drive our strategy by synthesizing insights and setting actionable plans.
    • You will create and maintain the financial model and track key company-level success metrics.
    • You will help prepare external presentations (board & investor decks, strategic presentations, etc.)

Who You Are

    • You have 2+ years of experience at a top-tier consulting firm, investment bank or private equity firm (or equivalent analytical and strategic role at top-tier organization) or 4+ years of experience at a high-growth technology company, ideally in a BizOps or Strategy role.
    • You are capable of producing high-quality slide decks, financial models and analytical memos with minimal guidance or supervision.
    • You are the ultimate project manager, able to prioritize and execute on multiple important projects in parallel
    • You believe the best way to learn something new is by doing it and you are eager to expand your skillset.

What Would Set You Apart

    • You have an MBA or similar advanced degree.
    • You have an understanding of the B2B2C playbook
    • You have a strong interest in crypto and have an interest in helping protocols distribute their token efficiently using on-chain data