Blockchain Engineer/Full stack (Solidity, Nodejs)

Remote - Lisbon/EU
Full-time /
🌍 Shape the Web 3 Future with Rarible
The decentralized power of Web 3 holds immense promise, but to truly harness its potential, we need the right minds and the right tools. At Rarible, our protocol offers top-notch infrastructure and tools, as we aim to foster a digital space that benefits communities across the globe.

🛠 Role Overview
As a Fullstack Engineer on our Protocol Team, you'll hold a key role in connecting our main Protocol microservices with Ethereum Smart Contracts. You'll work with the Rarible Protocol, our unique platform that helps web3 developers build NFT applications, complete secure transactions, and access reliable NFT data. You'll be using Solidity to develop, launch, and enhance Ethereum smart contracts. You'll also work on services built in NodeJS and handle frontend tasks for integration. As part of our R&D team, you'll keep up with the latest changes in Web3 technology and figure out how we can use them in our work.

💼 Your Responsibilities

    • Smart contracts (Solidity): you will be writing/testing/enhancing EVM Smart Contracts
    • NodeJS: develop npm libraries and code to interact with the smart contracts and Node backend
    • React: integrate smart contracts with frontend parts, written in React + Typescript, consulting frontend team

🔧 Skills We Admire

    • Solidity is a must
    • Understanding the basic security pitfalls when writing smart contracts for solidity / EVM will be a plus
    • Proficiency in typescript, js
    • Move, Rust will be a plus (for non-EVM chains)
    • Ether.js, Web3.js
    • Hardhat, Truffle & Ganache
    • Foundry, Tenderly
    • NodeJS basics
    • React basics