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About Rarible DAO
Rarible DAO is a decentralized organization governed by $RARI tokenholders. The organization is focused on growing the ecosystem of projects and creators in the broader Rarible Ecosystem, which includes (NFT marketplace with $40 million trading volume in April 2021) and many other projects building on Rarible Protocol. 

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs for short) are the next generation crypto-native entities that in many ways are considered the future of work and governance.  

Join our decentralized, motivated and fully remote team building the NFT ecosystem of the future.

Ecosystem Communications
This role is responsible for relaying all of the activities happening in the Rarible Protocol (i.e. the "Ecosystem"). The Ecosystem consists of, as well as a number of other projects building on the Rarible Protocol. This role will own various aspects of our outwardly communication efforts, including our emails and twitter account.

NOTE: this role is flexible and is not necessarily a full time role. Depending on the candidate, this role might be paid 100% in crypto, and paid by the Rarible DAO.


    • Own the communications process for the ecosystem development (including coordinating with ecosystem teams on updates when needed)
    • Attend weekly ecosystem calls, take notes, communicate progress to the outside world
    • Own the rarible protocol Twitter accounts and possibly other social media accounts
    • Help grow our reach and increase the number of contributors to the rarible protocol / ecosystem
    • Coordinate with the rest of the Rarible team to ensure communications is professional and on brand


    • 2-3 years in a communications or marketing related role (ideally B2C)
    • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
    • Ability to work independently by influencing stakeholders at different level
    • High attention to detail, excellent time management, and organizational skill
    • Be comfortable working in a loosely structured environment. Startup experience is a plus.
    • Passion for blockchain technology, NFTs, and decentralized finance
    • Ability to work under pressure and in a fast paced environment
What Rarible DAO offers
šŸ“ Working for a rapidly expanding global distributed network / protocol
šŸ“ Complete immersion into DAOs and the future of work
šŸ“ Extreme flexibility (hours, location, etc)
šŸ“ Great compensation packages and vacation