Treatment Protocol Consulting Clinician (Contract) - Remote

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Revero is on a mission to reverse the autoimmune diseases epidemic. Revero integrates machine learning, personalized nutrition, and virtual care to address the root causes of disease. We have helped thousands of paying customers restore their health and live disease-free, and raised over $5 million from top-tier investors such as A16Z Scout and Goodwater Capital. 

Revero is seeking a Consulting Clinician who can guide clinical protocol at a fast growing startup.

We are searching for an unendingly curious person to guiding clinical strategy for each health condition and champion cutting-edge investigative endeavors. The research scientist should detect consequential knowledge gaps, formulate comprehensive clinical strategies, and then execute rigorous methodological and analytical steps.


    • Reviewing conditions we treat and the daily biomarkers we gather for each condition
    • Reviewing which lab to take for each condition & what are the common medications for each condition
    • Reviewing the user journey for each condition, including onboarding call, labs, telemedicine visit, onboarding educational modules, program start date, coach interactions, and clinical interactions
    • Reviewing how often do patients do checkups for each condition
    • Reviewing treatment protocol for different patients 
    • Reviewing how to keep a patient's PCP in the loop if needed and develop a resource page for PCPs
    • Reviewing how to handle medical records and historical Medical record pulling
    • Reviewing user journey for clinicians including onboarding, training, and ongoing interactions
    • Reviewing how providers interact with the EHR platform
    • Reviewing what action clinicians need to take based on the insights from the patients' daily biomarkers? When should EHR generate an alert for the coach or clinician take action?


    • Physician or Nurse Practitioner
    • Board certified
    • Unrestricted state medical license
    • Operationally minded - Can plan for clinical operations
    • Deep interest in the science behind Revero and elimination diets
    • Expertise in understanding the scientific literature
    • Growth mindset with openness to learn and set aside the ego
    • Comfortable with ambiguity and able to work independently
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Well-honed interpersonal capacities
    • Passionate about gainful collaboration
    • Strong technological literacy to use various digital and virtual care platforms