Research Scientist

San Francisco, CA /
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Revero is on a mission to reverse the autoimmune diseases epidemic. Revero integrates machine learning, personalized nutrition, and virtual care to address the root causes of disease. We have helped thousands of paying customers restore their health and live disease-free, and raised over $5 million from top-tier investors such as A16Z Scout and Goodwater Capital. 

We are searching for an unendingly curious research scientist to champion cutting-edge investigative endeavors. The research scientist should detect consequential knowledge gaps, formulate comprehensive research strategies, and then execute rigorous methodological and analytical steps. You should also pitch your projects for publication, both regionally and elsewhere.

To ensure success as a research scientist, you should possess top-notch data analysis and report writing capacities. Invariably, a superb research scientist will seek to foster gainful partnerships within our industry.


    • Inspecting authoritative publications to discern understudied topics
    • Crafting and proposing novel, scientifically rigorous research ideas
    • Co-steering joint research undertakings
    • Spearheading data collection and concomitant interpretation
    • Promoting beneficence and minimizing risks
    • Conducting in-house research presentations
    • Publishing your findings in pertinent highly-regarded academic journals
    • Securing sufficient pertinent funding to supplement extant finances


    • PhD or master's degree in a relevant field of science
    • Expertise in medical writing
    • Existing publications in authoritative outlets
    • Polished data analysis techniques
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Well-honed interpersonal capacities
    • Passionate about gainful collaboration
The position opens in 18-24 months. We are just gathering interest at this point. If this is a good fit then we will be in touch in 18-24 months.