Growth Specialist [Contractor]

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Role Overview:
Thousands of users discover Scribe every day (and often their first reaction is “where has this been my whole life?!”), mostly through word of mouth. Our user base lives online, particularly on social media, and that’s how they find and share Scribe. This is where you come in! 

We’re looking for a digitally extroverted growth specialist to take what we’ve built with Scribe’s social and online presence and run with it. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface here, and we’d love to pass the reins to you.  You’ll not only be leading and expanding existing projects, but you’ll also have the agency to develop, plan and execute new strategies that we haven’t explored yet. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about social media, keeps up with trends, and is excited about using their expertise to help Scribe reach ambitious growth targets by raising awareness on social media. 

Skills & qualities you’ll need to bring: 
- You’re digitally extroverted. In other words, you build relationships with people on the internet effortlessly, your personality shines through online just as well as it does offline. 
- You are a social media connoisseur. You’re up to date on all social media platforms (especially: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), and have a good eye for spotting emerging trends and platforms. You’re a true resident of the internet that understands the rules and customs of each social media platform and how to apply them to create content.
- Organization is a breeze for you. You have experience managing projects with organized systems and records. 
- Experience managing relationships, especially with clients or external vendors.
- You have an ownership mindset and are excited to take responsibility for your projects and make decisions that will lead to their outcomes.
- You’re innovative and ready to look for new opportunities, set ambitious goals, and execute against them. You’re not afraid to try new things and develop new projects.

Nice to Haves:
- Previous experience building a social media following on any platform for any reason is an asset but not essential
- Experience working with creative talent
- Uses Notion