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Thousands of users discover Scribe every day (and often their first reaction is “where has this been my whole life?!”), mostly through word of mouth. Our user base lives online, particularly on social media, and that’s how they find and share Scribe. This is where you come in!

Over the past 6 months, we have been operating an influencer marketing program at Scribe. During that time, it has scaled significantly and become a meaningful contributor to our overall user sign ups. To date, we have been doing everything manually- researching suitable influencers on Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram and measuring them against our selection criteria; finding contact details for the creator and entering them into a Notion database; reaching out to prospects using a personalized template in gmail; following up after a few days if they didn’t respond to the initial outreach; negotiating + booking influencers; and coordinating launches. Now we are ready to take things to the next level.

So how does this translate into a role at Scribe? We’d expect a good first few months to look something like this:

Month 1-2: 
- Take over and run the manual processes that we’re currently operating to source, book and launch influencer placements. Together, we’d set weekly targets for outreach, bookings and launches
- Track everything and report back on funnel metrics (e.g. how many prospects were identified, # of outreaches completed, number of bookings made, initial prospecting email open rate, etc) Come up with strategies to improve the funnel performance metrics over time and run experiments (e.g. refine outreach email copy, follow up cadence)
- Map out in detail the process required to book and launch a high quality influencer. Identify the pain points and where we can leverage third party tools to drive efficienciesResearch and start to test out third party tools that can drive efficiencies.
- Make tool recommendations and implement those that are effective
- Work with existing ‘in-house’ content creators to produce and launch content on our own channel. We’re aiming for a post a dayIdentify 2-3 new content creators for ‘in-house’ content and set them up to start creating content for us

Month 3, 4 and beyond… 
- Implement tools that enable true scale. These could include tools that support with research, outreach, maintaining relationships etc and put more formal processes in place for our influencer program
- Outsource parts of the funnel where possible to enable scale (e.g. find someone on upwork to complete the research portion of the funnel)
- Generate a backlog of experiments to test new channels/formats/creative angles and systematically run these, reporting on results to the wider growth + marketing team
- Improve attribution and understanding of value driven from different placements across channels
- Work with leadership on forecasting and planning for the influencer marketing channels