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About Sei
Sei Labs builds open sourced technology for the high-performance Sei Blockchain, the first parallelized EVM Layer 1 blockchain designed to scale with the industry. The unique optimizations built into Sei enable Web3 applications to reach Web2 level scale and performance, driving the mass adoption of digital assets.

Our teams are comprised of former Google, Goldman Sachs, Robinhood, Nvidia, and Databricks veterans dedicated to onboarding the next billion users onto a vibrant ecosystem of applications.

Sei Labs has raised over $30M from top investors including Jump Crypto, Multicoin Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Distributed Global, Hudson River Trading, and Flow Traders.

We're a globally distributed team with a fully remote workforce. Check out our website and docs for more details.


    • Lead Sei’s product roadmap and oversee the entire product lifecycle within the ecosystem team.
    • Spearhead the development of innovative on-chain gameFi/socialFi dApps and their associated backend infrastructures, including indexers and backend endpoints.
    • Direct the integration and application of Zero Knowledge proofs to enhance blockchain privacy, efficiency, and scalability, including ZK light nodes, private trading protocols, ZK rollups, and ZK-based identity verifications.
    • Champion Sei's interchain bridge development, leveraging both native and third-party bridge protocols, ensuring the secure and scalable transfer across chains.
    • Oversee the construction of developer infrastructures, including SDKs for various languages and Rust libraries, ensuring efficient contract calls and interactions.
    • Identify potential products and services by analyzing Sei’s value propositions and technical capabilities.
    • Conduct in-depth research on new product opportunities and present findings to both business and tech units.
    • Establish, monitor, and analyze key metrics to guide and fast-track product growth and development.
    • Prioritize the customer experience, understanding their needs and preferences, to steer product development in the right direction.


    • Minimum of 5 years in product management.
    • Mandatory experience with web 3 products.
    • Solid understanding of cryptographic proofs, blockchain consensus mechanisms, and smart contract developments.
    • Strong business acumen, coupled with exceptional cross-functional communication skills.
    • Technical background is highly desirable for this position, particularly in the realms of blockchain, smart contracts, and Zero Knowledge proofs.