Computer Vision Software (Intern)

South San Francisco
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In this internship, you will work with our Computer Vision and Machine Learning software engineering team for 3 months. The CVML team builds and maintains a world-class image processing pipeline that does autonomous object detection, OCR, counting, product recognition, 3D reconstruction, virtual tour creation, and much more. These images are collected by our autonomous robot called Tally(™) in retail stores. We are laser-focused on finding out what information contained in this data makes the lives of our customers easier and then delivering accurate data to them in a timely fashion.

- Maintaining and extending Simbe’s computer vision stack -- you will work on at least one major project during the internship period that will be presented to the entire organization at the end of the program

- Testing computer vision algorithms to solve new customer requirements and integrating them using sound software engineering practices into a production pipeline that processes hundreds of thousands of images daily.

- Thoroughly testing new code by writing new tests as well as maintaining old ones

- Strengthening our data collection and model training pipeline.

- Improving various aspects of the computer vision pipeline code.

Required Qualifications
- Currently in university for BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science or related field - candidates closer to graduation are given preference.

- Proficient in Python programming with knowledge of common data structures, algorithms, and software patterns core to the language.

- Understanding of C++ is a welcome bonus but not required.

- Experience working with well-structured Python projects (not just Untitled (1).ipynb)

- Understanding of when (always) and how to use version control (e.g. git)

- Candidates with existing code portfolios, personal coding projects outside of school, past internship experience, and/or outstanding academic performance tend to be given preference.

- Understanding of shell scripting (e.g. bash) is recommended but not required.

- Rudimentary experience working with Ubuntu or other Linux distributions.

- Respectful, strong opinions about text editors are always welcome.

Relocation and Time Frame
- The internship requires relocation to the San Francisco Bay Area for the duration of the position and being present at our HQ in person daily, Monday through Friday.

- Start date and end date are flexible as long as candidates can commit to a minimum of 3 contiguous months. However, we prefer the standard Fall (September-December), Spring (January-May), and Summer (June-August) periods to align with university semesters so that all interns start roughly at the same time as a "class".
$70,000 - $120,000 a year
Salary range (above) is dependent on experience and location.
This internship will give you valuable experience to help forge you into a professional computer vision software engineer. On completion of the internship, you will be ready to work on day one as a full-time software engineer on computer vision and machine learning projects. Exceptional interns will be given full-time position offers (if openings are available) with Simbe upon graduation.