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About Spark Climate Solutions

Spark Climate Solutions is a US-based non-profit organization focused on field-building in emerging climate areas. Spark recognizes the need for all available solutions to the climate crisis: mitigation, adaptation, and emerging, as yet unexplored areas. Spark focuses on under-addressed areas of science and technology that have the potential for large-scale mitigation of climate harm, addressing near-term warming, and contributing to climate repair. Spark works to accelerate these fields through building shared strategic roadmaps, providing research funding, seeding new organizations, coordinating a variety of stakeholders, engaging with experts, and communicating with the public. Our core team has deep expertise in science, engineering, and climate-focused philanthropy. Spark’s funders include the Grantham Foundation, Quadrature Climate Foundation, Astera Institute, Climate Pathfinders Foundation, and Additional Ventures.

Position Summary

Spark Climate Solutions seeks a Natural Systems Response Scientific Roadmapper to develop a scientific roadmap of climate and environmental system responses to climate change—including natural feedbacks, tipping elements, ecological responses, and climate risk monitoring. Engaging with the scientific community and existing research, you will create a landscape of current scientific understanding (including areas of consensus, and diving into the fundamental questions behind any lack of consensus), and modeling and monitoring capabilities in these areas and identify the highest priority research questions that need to be answered and programs to be built in these areas to help improve our understanding of natural systems responses, in turn driving both mitigation and adaptation plans and ambition.

Areas you will focus on:

    • Natural system feedbacks, climate tipping elements, and their resulting greenhouse gas emissions and other ecological and human impacts
    • Changes to natural systems in response to climate change, including changes to weather patterns, nutrient cycling, and ecosystem stability


    • Author a scientific roadmap within the areas of climate and natural system response including natural system feedbacks, climate tipping elements, and changes in natural systems in response to climate change
    • Design research programs to accelerate scientific understanding, and improve our monitoring and modeling abilities, and explore potential mitigation
    • Evaluate science and engineering funding proposals based on their scientific merit, impact-alignment, and contribution to the broader field of climate and environmental system response
    • Serve as a subject matter expert and area advocate to other organizations, funders, and policymakers in this space, as needed.
    • Build relationships with science partners to collaborate on roadmaps and research agendas.


    • 7+ years of combined professional and research experience, inclusive of any graduate work
    • The ideal candidate has a Ph.D. in climate science, biogeochemistry, paleoclimatology, ecology, or similar
    • Have a deep understanding of earth system science
    • Experience independently running projects and complex work tracks in research-heavy areas, in academia, consulting, or business environments
    • Preferably, experience doing road mapping or agenda-setting in an academic, business, or non-profit context
    • Excellent written, speaking/presentation, and interpersonal communication skills to engage effectively within the organization and with external collaborators/stakeholders
    • Insatiable drive towards climate action
    • Ability to move between the fundamental science, technological limits, and broader social and policy implications.
    • Flexibility, creativity, and tenacity.
    • Fluency in English.


    • Able to work as a W2 employee for a US non-profit.
    • At least 4 overlapping work hours with US Pacific time work day (9a-5pm PT).

As with all positions at Spark Climate Solutions, this will be 100% remote. Employees can work anywhere within the United States, or internationally with approval. Our center of gravity is in the SF Bay Area, with a possible option (not requirement) of some in-person work.


This is a full-time position with benefits. The salary range is $90,000-$160,000 / year.  In addition, Spark Climate Solutions provides exceptional benefits including flexible PTO, sick time, holidays, generous health insurance coverage, and full-covered dental/vision/life insurance, and parental leave.