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Sprinto is a leading platform that automates information security compliance. By raising the bar on information security, Sprinto ensures compliance, healthy operational practices, and the ability for businesses to grow and scale with unwavering confidence. We are a team of 200+ employees & helping 1000+ Customers across 75+ Countries. We are funded by top investment partners Accel, ELEVATION & Blume Ventures and have raised 32 Million USD in funding including our latest Series B round.

The Role
As a Senior Full Stack Engineer at Sprinto, you will play a pivotal role in our dynamic and collaborative team. You are not just a coder; you are a problem solver and a versatile programmer who thrives in a cross-functional environment. The role requires hands-on experience and a willingness to contribute across various aspects of the development process.


    • Utilize your extensive programming experience, with a minimum of four years in a professional setting, preferably within a small team.
    • Demonstrate flexibility by not adhering strictly to a specific programming language, editor, or libraries. Embrace a holistic approach to software development by seamlessly transitioning between frontend, backend, and infrastructure tasks.
    • Be the go-to person for technical guidance and architectural decisions within the team. Assume a leadership role when systems face challenges and contribute to effective problem resolution.
    • Apply a discerning eye to identify and address premature over-engineering, ensuring projects progress efficiently. Recognize the long-term consequences of programming choices and navigate trade-offs to optimize solutions.
    • Understand that code serves the business/customer problem it aims to solve. Thrive in making informed trade-offs that efficiently address these problems.


    • A minimum of four years of professional programming experience, preferably within a small team environment.
    • Ability to work across boundaries, be it frontend, backend, or infrastructure. Avoid pigeon-holing and embrace a holistic approach to software engineering.
    • Recognition by peers for technical expertise and leadership in making architectural decisions. Being the go-to person in challenging situations within your current team.
    • Ability to identify premature over-engineering and foresee long-term consequences of programming choices. Make informed decisions to optimize project timelines and outcomes.
    • Understanding that code is a tool in the service of solving business/customer problems. A willingness to make trade-offs that efficiently address these issues.
    • While not mandatory, familiarity with our tech stack (nodejs, nextjs, react, relay, apollo-graphql, postgres, heroku) is a bonus. Share your insights on the pros and cons of our tech stack in your application.


    • Remote First Policy
    • 5 Days Working With FLEXI Hours
    • Group Medical Insurance (Parents, Spouse, Children)
    • Group Accident Cover
    • Company Sponsored Device
    • Education Reimbursement Policy
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