Senior Software Engineer (.NET Development & Performance Tuning)

New York, NY /
viagogo – Software Engineering /
/ Hybrid
Design and build tooling and public facing API’s to be used at scale, including integration testing, load testing, dependency injection, continuous integration, microservices architecture, asynchronous message-based queuing, and gRPC. Design scalable, reliable, and maintainable distributed applications in accordance with business needs. Respond to and debug production scaling issues using tools such as WinDbg, dotTrace, dotMemory, and PerfView. Load test the API and associated tools to gain insights into regressions, or performance bottlenecks. Lead the recruitment process by conducting interviews for and evaluating possible engineering candidates. Feed into the direction of software architecture within the company’s infrastructure. Use strong communication skills (written and verbal) to mentor team members to ensure work is completed in accordance with architectural decisions. Telecommuting may be permitted. When not telecommuting, must report to Viagogo, Inc. at 888 7th Avenue, Suite 409, New York, NY 10106 Salary: $175,000 - $230,000 per year.

Minimum Requirements:

    • EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree or U.S. equivalent in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, or related field. In lieu of Bachelor’s degree employer will accept 2 years of post-secondary studies in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, or related field, plus 1 year of experience performing application software development and design.
    • EXPERIENCE: Must have 5 years of professional experience working on design and development of globalized multicurrency distributed systems in the .NET technology space. Must also have experience with the following special skills: 5 years of professional experience using a high-level programming language (including C#); 3 years of professional experience deciphering and understanding the code base of a distributed, highly available system, and maintaining this system; 3 years of professional experience working with enterprise multi-tier software systems and development pipelines (including integration testing, dependency injection, and asynchronous message based queuing); 2 years of professional experience mentoring junior developers; 2 years of professional experience writing and debugging SQL queries and procedures.