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At Tive we imagine a world fully transparent, where everything and everyone is connected. We want to pioneer beyond what the world thought possible so what others hold near and dear arrives on time and in full.

We believe and live four core company values:
1. Create transparency first, everything else second: We believe the strongest trust belongs to those who are transparent, open and deliver on their word.
2. Make it simple: We expect to do the work and deliver technical solutions to complex problems, simply.
3. At Tive, we’ve got your back: We hold fierce loyalty to our people.
4. Relentless iteration to find a better way: Our energy to learn new things and create solutions every day is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Tive exists to solve the real time visibility challenges related to one of the world’s largest and most complex networks: global logistics and supply chain. Our team is focused on giving our customers the most access to accurate, live, and meaningful information about their shipments. Whether by road or rail, ocean or air, Tive is the most innovative and accurate way for companies to track their cargo.

There are usually one, maybe two companies in someone’s career that they can look back on fondly because they were challenged, did their best work, believed in the company they represented, and built something significant and enduring. Tive has all of the ingredients to be that company for you.

As the leader of our Product Development Team you will be at the pivot point of ensuring our products are delivering on our customers needs.  We have all of the pieces necessary for you to be successful: a truly special founder & CEO, a differentiated product offering, a very active and rapidly expanding total addressable market, a recent $54M Series B funding round, and a team committed to winning the #1 slot in our space. You get the best of all worlds: a well funded start-up with a product that has tremendous demand and the chance to influence the future of Tive in a meaningful way.

Tive is actively hiring a Chief Product Officer. The CPO’s team at Tive will be responsible for several mission critical tasks related to company strategy, vision and delivering products for both external and internal customers. 

What skills and qualifications do we want in the role?

    • 5+ years of senior product leadership experience in global B2B SaaS businesses in the midst of significant growth cycles (some hardware experience preferred, but not required).
    • Ability to lead through influence while working alongside organizational leadership (sales, marketing, business operations, product, and executive team).
    • Clear, effective communicator internally and externally, can be a product evangelist, and is continually explaining the “why” so all stakeholders can understand.
    • Exceptional people leader and team builder. Demonstrable track record of hiring top product and design talent, and coaching and mentoring of a high functioning team.
    • Ability to operate autonomously in an environment that changes rapidly. 
    • Ability to build productive and positive relationships across the organization at all levels.
    • Data Oriented.
    • Design mindset. Someone who thinks of ways to solve customers' problems and guide all people and situations to best outcomes.
    • Ability to take many inputs/requests and have the vision to put it all together.
    • Can say no in a way that does not cause derision across the team.

What do the key responsibilities of the role look like?

    • Customer Obsessed - This person will be THE pivot point between the customer and the company, they will know what customers are looking for and be able to represent that voice internally. Not only will they be able to represent the external customer voice, they will have a deep understanding for what sales, engineering, marketing, our internal operations and customer success need. The magic will happen when they can align and communicate the roadmap based on all of these perspectives.
    • Effectively communicate our Northstar - Our Northstar is closely tied to our Vision, Mission and Values. In this role, not only will you help to define this, you will have a deep understanding of where we are headed and why. You will evangelize this internally and externally. You  will ensure that the executive team is aligned to the Northstar. You will ensure all product decisions lead us there. 
    • Unify hardware, software, data, and services into a Tive solution offering. We are looking for a visionary leader who can understand how our software, hardware and services interplay with each other  to offer the most compelling product to our customer.
    • Team Builder - People make all the difference at Tive. We are looking for someone who can recognize outstanding talent, bring the best out of them, be a great coach and mentor and help them grow to become the Product Leaders they want to be. 
    • Ability and Know-how from “build” mentality to “scale” mentality - Creating a product function is very different from growing one, we need someone who has done this or been part of rapid growth, understands the entire ecosystem, knows how to scale, and can see where the “ship is sailing not where it is or has been”.
    • Pricing Strategy and Awareness - Pricing for all new products and services starts with the ideation of the product. You will drive how we charge and bundle all of our new offerings. 
    • Help to facilitate the creation of our Ideal Customer Profile - Working closely with marketing/product marketing, you will help to refine who our customer is. You will have a clear market understanding and a perspective of where we can win. You will help to build continued alignment with all teams at Tive as we rally around our ideal customer.

What does Tive offer?

    • A chance to join what may be the most important company in your career. 
    • The autonomy and resources to build what you know how to build.
    • Work with a committed global team that continues to track an unusually high employee NPS score.
    • Office based, hybrid, or remote work options. Your choice. 
    • Competitive equity to ensure all of our employees have a sense of ownership in the long-term success of Tive’s growth.
We celebrate diversity and consider it key to our success as a team and a company. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment of mutual respect for all employees.