Senior DevOps Engineer

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Ursa Computing is an early-stage company creating high performance data access and in-memory computing tools based on Apache Arrow to accelerate enterprise data science. We are co-creators of Arrow and have been a driving force in the open source project over the last 5 years, particularly for its use in the C++, Python, and R programming ecosystems. We are building a world-class team to create systems that will have a profound impact on how people work with data. 

We are searching for a Senior DevOps Engineer to lead the deployment, scaling, and operations of a new distributed computing application that will run on the major public cloud platforms. As a key early team member, you will be responsible for critical architectural decisions that will shape Ursa’s technology stack for years to come.

What you'll do

    • Work with Ursa management and customers to understand system requirements.
    • Design and maintain CI/CD pipelines.
    • Provision and manage Kubernetes clusters on public cloud infrastructure.
    • Maintain our collection of Docker images.
    • Plan and implement internal application logging and monitoring/alerting tools.
    • Oversee network and data security efforts.
    • Diagnose and resolve application alerts and outages.
    • Help design and maintain application auto-scaling.

Background and skills

    • Resourceful and fast learning
    • Expertise with Docker and other configuration management / devops tooling
    • Strong communication skills
    • Expert level Linux sysadmin skills
    • Strong understanding of hardware, networking in the cloud
    • Bonus: prior experience with Kubernetes