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Interested in our mission to accelerate data science through community-led open-source software? Like building tools that break down language barriers and improve collaboration? Excited by learning new things and pushing the limits of what is possible to do with code?

If this describes you, but you don't see an open job description that seems like a great fit, apply here! Be sure to highlight in your cover letter how the "About you" characteristics outlined below apply to you. As new roles become available, we'll consider profiles we've received here.

About you

    • You are eager to learn new things and have demonstrated success at doing so. No matter your educational background or level of experience, working on Arrow will force you to solve problems you’ve never seen before--and even become an expert in them. These challenges should energize you.
    • In addition to a desire to learn and grow, you've demonstrated the ability to master a subject. This may be something directly relevant to the work we do--high-performance C++, distributed systems, Cython, writing dplyr backends in R, benchmarking and performance monitoring, and so on--but it can be completely unrelated, like beekeeping. We delight in the diversity of experiences and expertises on our team and hope that you enjoy such an environment as well.
    • You share our belief that the ultimate success of an open-source project depends on the health of its community. You thrive on collaboration, you value cultivating a diverse and inclusive ecosystem, and you find joy in helping others make contributions. 
Ursa Computing is a fully distributed organization, and all positions are remote and open to all candidates globally. We value diversity and bringing voices of all kinds to the table—especially those that are underrepresented in technology today.