Principal Distributed Systems Engineer

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Ursa Computing is an early-stage company creating high performance data access and in-memory computing tools based on Apache Arrow to accelerate enterprise data science. We are co-creators of Arrow and have been a driving force in the open source project over the last 5 years, particularly for its use in the C++, Python, and R programming ecosystems. We are building a world-class team to create systems that will have a profound impact on how people work with data. 

We are searching for a Principal Software Engineer with distributed computing experience to help design and build a next-generation cloud-first data platform. As a key early team member, you will be responsible for critical architectural decisions that will shape Ursa’s technology stack for years to come. There is also the opportunity to have a highly visible and high impact role in the Apache Arrow open source project.

What you'll do

    • Design and implement fault-tolerant, performance- and latency-sensitive distributed systems for data transport and in-memory data processing. 
    • Analyze distributed systems for performance, scalability, robustness, or security issues.
    • Work with Ursa management and customers to understand system requirements.
    • Write architecture or design documents for internal systems or open source work and present those documents to the Ursa team or the Arrow open source community. 
    • Conduct code reviews and help maintain a high level of code quality.
    • Contribute to developer productivity and infrastructure improvements.

Background and skills

    • 7+ years professional software development
    • Experience shipping high quality releases of complex software
    • Experience and interest in writing production-quality code in C++
    • Experience with distributed computing or other distributed systems
    • Strong grasp of multithreaded programming in a CPU- and IO-intensive environment
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Unix environment experience
    • System-level functional and performance debugging
    • Bonus: significant prior involvement with an open source project
    • Bonus: experience with distributed / cloud storage, cloud provisioning, or Kubernetes