UX Researcher (Remote)

San Francisco, CA /
Research & Development (R&D) /
Salaried, full-time
Waymark is a team of healthcare providers, technologists, and builders whose mission is to bring the best healthcare to people with Medicaid benefits.  Guided by the communities we serve, we bring support and technology-enabled care to help primary care providers keep Medicaid patients healthy.  We are building the tools and designing an approach to enable care to reach the patients who can benefit most.  

Our core values embody the essence of what makes Waymark a unique team today, and what we look for, nurture, and sustain as a team. We are bold builders, believing that the greatest challenges in care delivery can be solved when we harness the power of community and technology. We are humble learners, seeking feedback and perspectives different from our own, and welcome challenges to our conclusions. We experiment to improve, actively seeking data to inform decisions and to assess our own performance. We act with focused urgency, our commitment to our mission drives us to tirelessly pursue results.

If this vision resonates with you, we hope you consider bringing your creativity, your energy, your curiosity to Waymark.

At Waymark, we believe in meeting patients and clinicians where they are — creating service touchpoints that are clear, delightful, thoughtful, and integrate seamlessly into their daily routines. As a UX Researcher, you will shape Waymark’s research practice, employing a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to uncover and share insights about the goals and needs of Medicaid beneficiaries and their care teams. You will work collaboratively with Designers, Product Managers, Engineers, and Operations to ensure that every stage of the product development process is informed by a deep understanding of the people who touch our service. This role reports to the leader of Waymark’s Research and Design practice.


    • Advocate for our patients (Medicaid beneficiaries), and their care teams (Community Health Workers, Social Workers, Pharmacists, and partnering Clinicians).
    • Collaborate with stakeholders across Waymark to identify the most impactful research questions and topics to explore.
    • Plan and execute qualitative and quantitative research initiatives to uncover the goals and needs of patients and care teams, and evaluate our products and services.
    • Create compelling reports  and facilitate workshops that communicate research project insights.
    • Partner with Design to build foundational artifacts like personas and journey maps that rally the Waymark team around a shared understanding of the people we serve.
    • Work closely with a team of Designers, Engineers, Product Managers, and Operations to shape our product– translating research insights into product solutions.
    • Build our team, processes, and culture — setting a positive tone within the Design team and across the company.


    • A portfolio that showcases your ability to apply appropriate methodology to find answers to tough questions, as well as convey key findings to broad audiences
    • Solid toolkit of qualitative and quantitative research and synthesis methods
    • Self starter with solid project management and organizational skills
    • Can-do attitude — continuously looking for ways to learn and grow
    • Excellent communication skills, with an ability to relate to all types of people
    • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and 3+ years of experience working with design teams to conduct research in the field, present findings, and provide helpful, actionable feedback
    • Experience working in fast paced environments, and an ability to take ambiguity, changing priorities, and tough challenges in stride
    • A passion for solving complex, meaningful problems