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🚀 Elevators that only work every other day or escalators that break when you have a suitcase - does that sound familiar? Property technology company WeMaintain has decided to tackle this topic: every city in the world has these facilities and yet only a handful of historical players operate in the industry. This market is very niche and yet it represents 100 billion euros.

🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇸🇬 WeMaintain has since been adopted in Paris, London and Singapore by transport, office and residential real estate players, such as Allianz Real Estate, KeolisAmey Docklands (Operators of the DLR), WeWork, Savills and CBRE. 

🔥 In order to meet customer needs, WeMaintain has recently moved into fire safety systems through an acquisition in the sector.

🎯 Our mission?

With our digital solutions, WeMaintain provides building managers and owners with an unrivalled quality of service on building operations while providing reliable and comprehensive data to improve building users’ knowledge.
By giving time and autonomy to the real experts in the field, the engineers, and by developing its own IoT technology, as well as cutting-edge technological tools, WeMaintain enables its clients to benefit from real-time information that they did not have before to control their costs, optimise their buildings and improve the occupant experience.

Half of the team designs IoT sensors, hardware and software, a customer interface platform and a field engineer application to provide clients with useful information and data, and to support the people in the field in their work. The other half of the team is busy finding customers and taking care of their satisfaction. Everything in the company is built around its values: Care, Grit, Uniqueness!

Our mission: Put the best of people and technology at the heart of the built environment. By combining the expertise of field engineers and the agility of technology, WeMaintain seeks to be a leading player in facilitating economic, digital, environmental and social transition for the better and in particular in the advent of the smart building.

🌎 After building a team of diverse backgrounds and skill sets, raising €38.8 million since 2018 and opening London and Singapore in the middle of a pandemic, we're accelerating, and for that, we need you!

As Head of People, you’ll deal with WeMaintain’s co-founders and team on the HR topics.

You’ll be in charge of all the HR aspects at WeMaintain. Your mission:

- Making sure we attract the best talent
- Ensuring their progression, retaining them and keeping our culture alive

The good news: our three co-founders love HR topics, have a real HR vision for the company and we’ll be thrilled to have someone to help them in that regard.

As WeMaintain keeps growing, the team is now located in different areas (Paris, London and soon other international cities), has diverse profiles (engineers, sales, lift engineers, data etc), and speaks different languages.

The company is also split among local teams (sales, ops, marketing) and global teams (tech, data, product, strategy).

Yet everyone should have the same HR experience and opportunities within WeMaintain.

👀 Your job will include the following missions:

🔥 Recruitment:
- With the Finance team and Strategy team, ensure all positions are filled and that the candidates are a match to our very ambitious strategy
- With the TAM team and local teams, coordinate and empower team leaders to recruit about 50 people by the end of 2021 in Paris & abroad, and much more later!
- Improve our processes/tools/partnerships (schools, communities, hiring firm)
- Ensure applying for a job at WeMaintain is a smooth and sweet experience for all candidates
- Re-shape our onboarding for newcomers (we already have a buddy system, and some onboarding sessions but they need reworking) and improve our offboarding processes. We have a good retention rate and so far, in 3+ years of WeMaintain, only 3 people have decided to leave the company.

👥 Retention:

- Implement tools/services to measure engagement and well-being and monitor their results. Today we use 15five for our 1-1 & 360 feedback and we’ve just subscribed to Mokacare.
- Be proactive on HR best practices: remote policy (how? when? why…), opening of new offices, perks, bonus policy etc.

🌟 People Growth:

- Make sure all employees receive individual attention and follow up on their professional projects
- Hard skills/soft skills training (including English)
- Follow-up of skills via platforms like Progression


- Discuss culture/people with WeMaintain co-founders (they’re always open and ready for discussions on such topics!)
- Ensure our three values are understood, lived and shared by all team members
- Improvement of team rituals (weekly, 360)
- Organisation of team socials & outings when possible

🚀 Employer brand:

- External communication (webinars, white paper) - we do a lot yet haven’t dedicated the time to communicate it all
- Internal communication and actions (BSPCE/company with a mission etc). All employees have BSPCEs

💻 Administrative and legal:

- In each country where WeMaintain operates, coordinate with the country HR manager and our advisors to manage payroll/employee life issues (maternity/paternity leave etc)/disputes/various admin requests

📈 Management:

- You’ll be responsible for recruiting your own team. You’ll make sure they deliver and are happy to do so :). Today Katia is our TAM and Celine our HR manager. A HR manager position is also open in London and we’ll need other people in the recruitment team by the end of the year!
- We may ask you to travel to cities where WeMaintain operates

👑 You’re the right person if you already have:

- Convictions, knowledge & vision on HR
- 6-8 years of experience in HR, including 4 years of experience in recruitment/talent acquisition
- Experience in a fast growing company (200+ people) or in fast-paced environments
- 4 years of experience in managing a team
- A perfect English language, both written & spoken
- Experience working abroad (either the UK or US would be a plus)
- Experience with French labor law (other labor laws would be great)

NB : This job is also valid if you live in London 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Recruitment process:

- Call with Katia, our TAM or a co-founder
- Meeting with a co-founder and a “key person”
- Meeting with our two Countries Manager
- Case study
- Meeting with the team to discuss of the case
- Meeting with your future team
- Welcome to WeMaintain! 🎉

Why join us?

1️⃣ Like any start-up, we offer you:

- 50% reimbursement of transportation costs
- Memorable parties every 3 months
- Ambition and challenges

2️⃣ Like some start-ups, we also offer you:

- A team of inspired and inspiring colleagues who are passionate about their work and can talk to you about their project for hours
- Shared workspace in the heard of London
- A caring work environment that can adapt to any situation
- The flexible choice of working remotely, partly-remote or 100% from the office

3️⃣ Like no other start-ups, we offer you the possibility:

- To belong to a journey where each collaborator has role to play: inclusive recruitment processes, Q&A sessions with the co-founders, a team weekly where transparency is a must
- To be in a work environment where feedback, diversity and trust are intertwined. For example : for feedback, 360s are organised regularly; for diversity, we make sure that the team is not an army of clones; for trust, we don’t monitor each employee’s working hours
- To feel a desire to surpass ourselves together
- To meet passionate people, who come from very different jobs and backgrounds
- To advance quickly in your career if you wish
- To join a company with a very high level of ambition
- To disrupt an unsexy yet very interesting market!

In a world with Covid, we have:

- Generalised remote policies very early on
- Provided psychological support
- Delivered work chairs and screens for those who needed them
- Changed the organisation to ease exchanges between businesses and between countries
- Strengthened HR tools to ensure better follow-up of each person (15five 🧡 Progression)