Senior ML (NLP) Engineer

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About Zowie:
At Zowie, we believe that buying online should feel like walking into your favorite local shop: personal, friendly, and easy. Our mission is to recreate offline shopping experiences online - but better. Zowie brings speed and empathy to customer interactions. Our platform automates responses to repetitive questions around return policy, order status, etc., and saves time for customer service agents, who can then proactively turn website visitors into paying customers. It can work as an add-on with existing tools (Zendesk, Shopify, Gorgias, etc.) or become a standalone customer service platform.

We are:
🚀 Growing fast. We plan on keeping the Team growing! You’ll have a lot of autonomy and impact as we grow.
🏈 Like a sports team. We take ownership of our work and believe in personal accountability. At the same time, we work together, support each other, and focus on winning as a team.
🧑‍💻 Remote-first and hours are flexible. We allow everyone to figure out the best ways to collaborate with their team. At the end of the day, it's about delivering! Those in Poland can work from our offices in Cracow and Warsaw.

We strive to be:
💪 Ambitious and innovative. We don’t settle on existing solutions and keep looking for better ways to tackle challenges.
👻 Bold and free-thinking. We trust our employees to find the best solutions.
🤸‍♀️ Agile and high-performing. We work smarter, not harder. We use our OKRs to keep ourselves focused.
🤠 Unafraid of change. Zowie is growing, and the market is changing. We thrive in an ever-evolving environment.

What you'll do:

As a Machine learning engineer, you are going to work on building our competitive advantage: Zowie X1. It begins by utilizing LLMs to optimize intent recognition, facilitate content creation, identify customer buying intentions, and provide sales assistance, among other functions.

Your job will combine fine-tuning models, researching the best products that we can leverage, and solid engineering that includes deployment, retraining, or monitoring the quality of our AI work. You are going to partner with another Machine Learning engineer and collaborate with a TL who has strong AI & NLP acumen. We have a strong vision of software helping to deliver amazing customer service experiences, and AI is a core factor in it. Since those projects are our strategic investment, you will also collaborate directly with Michał - our VP of Engineering, and Maciej - Zowie’s Co-Founder, to figure out the best strategy forward.

In the end, your job leads to the value we bring to our users. It’s not about synthetic research but about iteratively delivering impactful improvements to our users' daily work and their customers' experience.

Ideally, you'll bring with you:

    • Professional experience with ML Engineering
    • Excellent Python skills
    • Familiarity with modern NLP concepts
    • Of course, working proficiency in English and Polish (both spoken and written)

Let’s start with Python, those skills are very important to succeed in this role:

    • Experience in working with production Python code
    • Being an excellent programmer who takes care of code quality - we are looking for a developer who can write production code and not only research stuff in Jupyter Notebooks :)  
    • Knowledge of Python virtual environments
    • Experience in working with GPU
    • Experience with ML libraries, e.g. PyTorch, transformers, Hugging Face, OpenAI/Palm

Next, in ML Engineering, we would love to work with someone who has experience in working with deploying complex ML products, for example:

    • Experience in implementing ML models that can retrain themselves in “real-time”
    • Experience with monitoring the quality of a given model “real-time”
    • Experience in implementing ML models into the microservices world with docker, REST API, GRPC, and Kafka
    • Nice to have professional experience with tools like MLFlow, Kubeflow, AWS Sagamaker, or similar

It'll be awesome if you also have:

    • Professional experience with NLP - that's an amazing plus, but we have people on board who know this subject really well!
20,000 zł - 30,000 zł a month
We will offer you:
👉 Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP). You’re a part of our company’s future success.
👉 Unlimited paid time off. We trust each other and don’t count days.
👉 Great company offsites and individual integration budgets. We spend time together in person to strengthen our team.
👉 Health benefits. We offer an additional health insurance package.
👉 Development budget. We want to grow personally and professionally together.
👉 Home-office funds. Make yourself a comfy space for work on a daily basis.