San Francisco, CA
Product & Design
At Aalto, the technology we build serves as an extension of the home and the homeowner, it is not something separate. It must account for and bring forth the humanity present with all matters of the home.

If the fit is right and you choose to join us, your mission will be to lead the design efforts for not just our products, but the entire company. You will touch thousands, and eventually millions, of people as they undergo one of life’s most substantial events: selling or buying their home. 

If you have a clear and compelling design perspective, love homes, and have an orientation toward craftsmanship where form follows function (not decoration), we’d love to speak with you.

Who you’re designing for
You must be excited to build a premium experience for our primary customer: sophisticated and curious homeowners who own well-appointed homes. You will also design for those who aspire to own such homes. 

Your mission
You will be our first design hire and will lead our design efforts with ~80% of your time spent on product design. Given that we're a premium brand, you'll also need to be confident in visual design as it will just be you until we hire our second designer in Q4 or Q1.

Product outcomes
How we think about success
- Relationships respected: Buying or selling a home is a big deal, the largest transaction most people conduct. People rely on trusted relationships to get through it all. Your design will enhance the respect between all parties on the platform
- Relevance in real life: We use technology to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness. We’re not a tech company for the sake of it. Physical and digital boundaries of your design work will blur. 
- Results: The products you build deliver useful results, not just beauty. 
- Refresh: Aalto is the first new product agents have sold since the 1960s. Your work should be refreshing to all parties involved in a home sale, not cumbersome. 
- Belief: Most homeowners who want to sell their home feel that they can’t. We can address most of those reasons at scale, and when we do, the housing market will quadruple in size, so everyone wins. And it all starts with our salesforce, real estate agents. When they interact with your product, they should feel inspired and empowered to with their expanded mission to help people live where they belong. 
- Growth: If the product achieves all of the above, massive growth happens automatically. We want agents to wake up in 3 months and realize that they just fundamentally up-leveled their lives without realizing it.

Ideal candidate
- Clear design thinker who can prioritize and synthesize multiple channels of information
- Action-oriented - would rather learn from failing fast than get straight As
- Comfortable with customer interaction, sometimes filled with love, sometimes filled with skepticism
- Expert in mobile design, as well as desktop design
- Motivated by a down-to-earth, respectful, and energetic professional environment — more so than amazing snacks and ping pong tables

About Aalto
Aalto is the private real estate market. We launched in January 2019 in a single market and in weeks expanded the inventory of homes by more than 20% to officially usher in an entirely new category in America’s largest asset class. Our small team is humbled by the initial demand and traction we received and are looking for someone to come on and help us build this for the next 5+ years. We are venture-backed but by design, you won’t find anything about us on Crunchbase.