San Francisco, CA
We’ve been successful at building our core founding team because of our different approach to team building. Aalto is focused on hiring senior, self sufficient team members into a flat organization because we believe you get your best work done when you work with passionate peers in defined swim lanes. less time is spent on management and more time is spent on doing.

As our talent needs continue to grow at a stable rate, we are consciously investing early on in our recruiting discipline.  As Aalto's first talent partner, you will work alongside the team as we build long term relationships with our candidates. To you, recruiting isn’t about short term transactions or solely just a numbers game. You will without a doubt have high impact and wide-ranging responsibility: from owning full-cycle recruiting and driving best practices, to delivering remarkable candidate experiences and building out our Aalto brand.

What you’ll do:
- Be the front lines storyteller of the company
- Raise our talent bar higher with each hire (see what we did there?)
- Develop creative strategies and messaging around sourcing competitive/exceptional talent
- Build out and champion Aalto’s external employer brand in unique and unforgettable ways
- Champion data integrity within our Lever ATS - to you, messy data is worse than no data
- Hire future team members across the country to support market expansion to all the major metros

You’re probably a fit if you:
- Get unreasonably excited when building long term relationships with top talent, and remember fondly that one candidate you eventually closed after a years’ worth of courtship.
- Care more about quality over quantity
- Thrive on technical recruiting, but still see yourself as a utility player and enjoy the challenge of hiring for a breadth of roles. 
- Have told your hiring manager to not hire someone (aka have a strong POV on talent)
- Have 3+ years of full cycle recruiting experience
- Have enjoyed and thrived at a startup as their first in-house recruiter, or first cohort of in-house recruiters on the ground.

About Aalto 
Aalto is the private real estate market where sellers retain privacy and buyers discover exclusive homes for sale. The best agents, across brokerages use Aalto to elevate the home selling experience for their clients. Sophisticated homeowners are increasingly choosing to sell privately with Aalto because it brings the relief of privacy. It is the only way to sell your home for top dollar without exposing your life for all to see. 

Our recruiting style
We’ve included images of successful outreach emails we’ve sent to provide more visibility into how we communicate with potential candidates. Our intensely-focused-but-playful approach informs everything we do (and that includes recruiting).

- Example A: https://share.getcloudapp.com/RBuPgNq1
- Example B: https://share.getcloudapp.com/KouLgmW4