Software Engineer: Full Stack

San Francisco, CA
Primary Mission

Partner with us to build the best technology and team for the real estate industry as we expand to over $15B in home sales in the next 18 months.

Scope of Responsibility

The majority of your time will be spent building backend product within our existing architecture and frontend applications to talk to those APIs with a roughly 70/30 split between user-facing backend and frontend work.

Our Current Stack

- Frontend: React web app
- Backend: Node.js microservices communicating over HTTP with async messaging via Google Cloud Pub/Sub
- Persistence: Whatever the appropriate store happens to be for the task at hand -- today that largely means Postgres and Redis
- Infrastructure: Kubernetes (GKE)
- Cloud: Google Cloud Platform

Who You Are (sorry in advance for the buzz words)

- Multiplier: You and everyone we hire is an accelerant, not a deterrent. Our small engineering team of three is already flying. Now we need a great engineer to come and run alongside us while helping recruit more great engineers to multiply the efforts of the existing team
- Trustworthy: Trust is thrown around a lot but we believe a foundation of trust is everything on a team and you can’t go really fast without it. Your addition only grows the team’s trust and -- as a result -- you grow with it
- Take pride in your work: We are a premium product which means our customers have very high expectations. Because those expectations start with our code, we believe in moving fast and NOT breaking things
- Likes things that have IRL significance: Each day millions of dollars of homes are listed exclusively on Aalto. We want to grow that number to billions (with a “B” … see what we did there?). Our entire tech stack respects the gravity of that number and how important those homes are to their owners in real life; we can’t get away with the things some other shops can :)
- Results-driven: We believe form follows function. The products we build will deliver results, not just theoretical engineering ideals
- Always learning: Our team has a variety of experience and we hold each other accountable to constantly learn and grow; we’re humbled by the growth and popularity of Aalto and we work hard to keep our skills and product ahead of customer expectations
- Action-oriented: Would rather learn from failing fast than getting straight As
- Real: Motivated by a down-to-earth, professional environment more so than amazing snacks and ping-pong tables

Ideal experience

- 3+ years relevant engineering experience at product-driven companies
- Significant hands-on node.js backend experience
- Hands-on experience with modern javascript frontend frameworks (preferably React)