Software Engineer: Backend/Node

San Francisco, CA
Who you are
You are probably right for this role if you have built things as long as you can remember. Maybe it was puzzles, it could have been old electronics, gaming computers or it could have been software; whatever it was you loved hacking and building your way towards learning. 

In the professional world, you’ve always gravitated towards anything that involves data and/or logic. Big data, machine learning, AI - doesn’t really matter what you call it, you are fascinated by the data, how it is captured, architected, processed, analyzed and ultimately used to meet people’s needs. You’re very comfortable being the sole backend engineer on a small team and have no problem figuring out the architecture that balances the needs of this feature and the larger needs of the system. You love owning projects end to end and look at bugs with curiosity, not fear or annoyance. As far as companies are concerned, you’ve been on a team with less than 20 engineers and have had a glimpse of a larger organization and how they operate at scale. That glimpse was all you needed - you’re ready to get back to something where you can have more ownership (our engineering team is currently six). 

What you’ll do
It will be your job to design, build and maintain APIs, services and systems across Aalto’s engineering team. We work with a lot of housing data so you’ll also have some fun molding and building new ways to match people with their dream homes. You’ll spend most of your time working on or leading a small team focused on a particular problem. 

Our stack today
-Frontend: React/Redux JavaScript web app(s);
-Backend: ~30 containerized Node.js microservices communicating synchronously via HTTP and asynchronously using Pub/Sub as a centralized messaging bus.
-Persistence: Postgres, Redis, GCS, BigQuery, etc. We focus on hiding persistence as a detail in our systems and optimize for managed services where possible to focus on business-facing value.
-Infrastructure: Single cloud environment in Google Cloud Platform. We use Kubernetes, Helm, and Terraform to write our infrastructure as code, and keep our release pipeline operating smoothly.

Ideal background
-4+ years (or equivalent) relevant experience building production-quality backends in node.js
-Extensive hands-on Node.js experience a major component and familiarity with the npm ecosystem
-Experience building scalable API-first backends
-Experience working on an engineering team of less than 20 people
-Experience working at a company that “worked”

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