React Developer - Stage

Paris, France /
Tech & Product – Technical R&D /
Within the technical team, working with a Team Leader, you will collaborate with 2 other front-end developers using agile SCRUM methodology and help them implement components, pages on the web platform of the product built with React framework. You will also interact with a project manager and UX / UI designers to deliver, test and refactor bullet-proof React components for our design system.

Scope of your team:
Flagship is a B2B SaaS product that aims to provide a developer-friendly experimentation and feature flagging platform with cross-device implementation tools. We provide a web application, a public API and SDK libraries for our customers to enable them to test new features, optimize their applications and analyze their product in a data-driven way.

What you will do:

    • Write quality, effective, reusable code and follow good practice
    • Develop new components to enrich the design system
    • Refactor existing component to make them reliable and testable according to UX guidelines
    • Be part of projects from the design phase to the final production phaseMake components documentation using Storybook
    • Create unit tests with Jest and Enzyme to increase the code quality