Backend developer 🧙‍♀️ 🇫🇷

Paris, France /
Tech & Product – Technical R&D /
We are looking for a backend developer with an appetite for devOps subjects or the opposite
We want to continually improve the dynamic compilation of the tag that provides the AB Tasty experience. Ever more flexible for the clients, ever more imperceptible for their users. The current tag is built with webpack in a typescript backend environment and compiled on an AWS lambda
Within the technical team, working with the Team Leader, you will work in mode in one of the 7 AB Tasty Feature Teams which has just one goal: to propose an ever more innovative, robust and end to end product.

Scope of your team:

You will work in the "Tag" feature team. The tag is the javascript script, transpiled from typescript, which is loaded on the client website to do all the magic of AB Tasty (applying AB test, personalization, getting data for heatmaps, data reports, etc..).

The team is in charge of this project and all its parts :
- Compilation and architecture of the tag
- All the functional logic of the tag
- Monitoring of performances
- Legal part (GDPR conformity, ISO 27001, and other certifications)
- The Performance Center on the AB Tasty platform built in React
- CI pipeline on gitlab CI
- Different development environments
- Unit testing and e2e testing to deliver a stable and performant product
- Changelog and versioning management

What you will do

    • You write quality, effective, reusable and documented code and tests
    • You develop new features to meet the needs of the clients determined by the product manager
    • You maintain and improve the current platform so that the customer experience is always improved
    • You will take part of the whole development of the feature of the team (from the discovery to the delivery)
    • You will work on the devops subjects of the team (jobs/AWS/Grafana) and assisted by the transversal devops team when necessary
    • You will improve the gitlab CI pipelines to industrialize ever more our processes
    • You will think "outside the box" while identifying problems and developing creative and innovative solutions

What we are looking for

    • You have more than 3 years of experience as a backend developer
    • You are wiling to hack around with webpack
    • You are comfortable with the following JavaScript technologies: NodeJs, TypeScript, ESLint, Jest
    • You are comfortable with the following automation technologies: gitlab, cypress, aws, grafana
    • You have knowledge in unit and E2E (Jest, Cypress or others)
    • You have a good level of English (spoken and written)