Front end developer - React.js

Nantes, France /
Tech – Technical R&D /
AB Tasty ( is the customer experience optimization company several times rated as one of theBest Places to Work. We help build the internet of the future by allowing brands to address their users in a personalised way. Images, messages, page structure... everything can be adapted to meet the needs, wishes, and emotions of website visitors or app users.

We are looking for a Frontend developer to expand the Reporting feature of the AB Tasty experience optimization SaaS platform, a statistical tool which allows the users to measure the impact of their AB Tasty campaigns on their conversions. You will be responsible for the development, review, tech debt management and unit testing of a React application, alongside a backend and 2 other frontend developers.

You will report to Brian Fox, technical team leader, based in France.

Contract & Location

    • Permanent full-time contract
    • All offices (with a preference for French offices)

A few examples of your responsibilities

    • Write quality, effective and documented code in Javascript or Typescript with React
    • Take part in the feature conceptions (UI / UX / architecture) from the start
    • Work with multiple APIs as a consumer
    • Collaborate and work on the team best practices and tech debt reduction
    • Create end to end and unit testing for React components and features
    • Review other developers code (JS / TS / React / Redux)

What we offer

    • Huge impact. AB Tasty is only as great as our team. By directly developing the publicly accessible SaaS platform used by all our clients, you’ll have a direct impact on the company’s success.
    • The opportunity to unleash your creativity. You’ll be free to contribute to the processes, the tools and the organisation of the team, according the agile principles.
    • No micromanaging. Be the owner of your effort - you’ll be one of the team and fully  trusted to take responsibility for your tasks. You’ll have every  incentive to make a real impact.
    • International reach. Our audience is wildly international, and our team is too. Although our HQ is located in France, our company language is English.
    • Continuous education. We offer many opportunities for each employee to learn and grow from a mix of professional and non professional topics (a few examples of our permanent or latest classes: Coding lessons, blockchain class, mental health coaching, vegan cooking, …).
    • Unique career opportunity. By joining a fast-growing company that’s making waves in the tech industry, you’ll have a wonderful chance to enhance your learning and advance in your career faster than you ever thought possible.
    • Lots. Of. Fun. Our incredible magic makers organize awesome events, such as team games, drinks, yoga classes, parties, and a company-wide retreat every year with employees from all countries gathering for 2 days of fun.
    • Remote working, flexible schedule. This isn’t a “clock in, clock out” company. We care about your productivity,  not tracking every minute you’re on site. It’s up to you to always be responsible for your work, no matter where you are or what schedule you’re keeping.
    • Time for yourself. After a year within AB Tasty, we offer you a day off during which we simply ask you to think  about your career expectations with us. It's not always easy to find time for introspection and to envision what path can lead us to a happy career so we offer a Retreat Day as an opportunity to reflect on that. We not only aim to succeed, but also to make you succeed.

What we look for

    • A bit of experience. Minimum 1 year experience in developing with a front-end javascript framework. Solid understanding of React and hooks for enterprise applications is ideal, or experience with other JS frontend frameworks and a willingness to learn React. Experience with Redux or another tool or language is a plus.
    • Analytical skills. You can apply your knowledge in diverse technical contexts, and follow rigorous methodology to diagnose issues and solve problems.
    • Creativity and goal-oriented. You are creative and goal-oriented - You are able to think outside the box to identify and solve problems whilst developing creative and innovative solutions.
    • Passion for the field. You love your craft, and are always watching the news of the industry and following best practices to improve the code and flows.
    • Eager to learn. You pride yourself in constant learning, because you know that being a developer means continuous self improvement, and being open to new technologies & methodologies.
    • Proficiency in English. Effective communication is one of the key aspects of this job. That’s why you need to read, write, and speak fluently in English. Other languages are a plus!
    • Soft skills.  You have an easy going nature and work well with others, and you are always thinking about the impact of your words and your code on the other members of your team.