Senior AWS Cloud Architect

Nantes, France
Tech – Data and Infrastructure /
/ Hybrid
AB Tasty is a global leader in AI-powered experience optimization solutions empowering brands using personalization, experimentation, recommendations, and search to build better experiences on their websites and apps. Integrated into a single platform, AB Tasty offers web and API-based solutions that provide companies with a unified approach to creating seamless experiences for customers.

Brands use AB Tasty’s platform to align digital, e-commerce, and product teams on revenue goals by optimizing and innovating digital experiences.

Founded in 2013, AB Tasty’s customer roster includes world-leading brands such as Kering, McDonald’s, Ulta Beauty, L’Oreal, Disneyland Paris, and LVMH among others.

AB Tasty has 12 offices across the globe: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific

We are seeking a Senior AWS Cloud Architect to join our infrastructure team.

The ideal candidate will possess a profound understanding of AWS cloud services and will play a pivotal role in orchestrating our evolution from high-throughput legacy AWS infrastructure to a state-of-the-art, multi-account AWS ecosystem, meticulously designed for scalability, security, redundancy, and efficiency.

This is a unique opportunity to architect a cloud foundation that will not only drive our technological advancement but also set new benchmarks within our industry.

In this transformative role, you will engage in close collaboration with product and technical teams to seamlessly migrate our existing AWS infrastructure to a pristine, SOC2-compliant environment.

Your expertise will ensure that the new infrastructure is thoroughly documented, rigorously monitored, and crafted in adherence to the highest standards of security and compliance. By focusing on best practices, you will forge a robust framework that underpins our operational excellence and upholds our commitment to quality and trustworthiness.

Contract & Location

    • Permanent full-time contract
    • Paris or Nantes office
    • Smooth remote work policy (up to 3 days a week)

A few examples of your responsibilities:

    • Architect, design, and implement highly scalable, robust, and fault-tolerant systems on AWS.
    • Participate in the broader design of the infrastructure, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and best practices.
    • Write, test, and deploy infrastructure as code using Terraform.
    • Manage and deploy AWS code using Python and Lambda functions.
    • Develop and maintain alerts, dashboards, and documentation to support operational excellence.
    • Use GitLab for version control and CI/CD processes.

What we offer:

    • Huge impact. AB Tasty is only as great as our team. By directly developing the publicly accessible SaaS platform used by all our clients, you’ll have a direct impact on the company’s success.
    • The opportunity to unleash your creativity. You’ll be free to contribute to the processes, the tools and the organisation of the team, according the agile principles.
    • No micromanaging. Be the owner of your effort - you’ll be one of the team and fully  trusted to take responsibility for your tasks. You’ll have every  incentive to make a real impact.
    • International reach. Our audience is wildly international, and our team is too. Although our HQ is located in France, our company language is English.
    • Continuous education. We offer many opportunities for each employee to learn and grow from a mix of professional and non professional topics.
    • Unique career opportunity. By joining a fast-growing company that’s making waves in the tech industry, you’ll have a wonderful chance to enhance your learning and advance in your career faster than you ever thought possible.
    • Lots. Of. Fun. Our incredible magic makers organize awesome events, such as team games, drinks, yoga classes, parties, and a company-wide retreat every year with employees from all countries gathering for 2 days of fun.
    • Remote working, flexible schedule. This isn’t a “clock in, clock out” company. We care about your productivity,  not tracking every minute you’re on site. It’s up to you to always be responsible for your work, no matter where you are or what schedule you’re keeping.
    • Time for yourself. After a year within AB Tasty, we offer you a day off during which we simply ask you to think  about your career expectations with us. It's not always easy to find time for introspection and to envision what path can lead us to a happy career so we offer a Retreat Day as an opportunity to reflect on that. We not only aim to succeed, but also to make you succeed.

What we look for:

    • Passion for learning and innovation in cloud technologies.
    • Adaptability and strong problem-solving skills in a fast-paced, rapidly-evolving company environment.
    • At least 4 years as a Cloud Architect, with AWS certification highly regarded.
    • Proficiency in AWS core services, infrastructure as code (Terraform preferred), and Python.
    • Experience with GitLab CI/CD and familiarity with Kubernetes and Helm.
    • Knowledgeable in event-driven architecture and current cloud trends.