Senior Data Engineer - SWE/UK (Remote)

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Acast is the world’s largest independent podcast company. Founded in 2014, we have pioneered the open podcast ecosystem ever since – making podcasts available on any listening platform. Our role is simple: we provide a marketplace to help podcasters find the right audience to monetize their content. We believe in the power of a world connected through storytelling and want to empower anyone, anywhere to connect through and benefit from podcasting. Today, we host 92,000 podcasts, with more than 430 million listens every month. We operate worldwide and are headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

About the role
We are looking for an experienced and skilled data engineer with an interest in backend technologies. You will work on an autonomous, purpose-driven team that develops and maintains ETL pipelines. Our main job involves collecting raw logs and transforming them into valid, certified, podcast “listens” – crucial foundational data for our podcasters and other engineering teams. The team also builds organizational-level APIs for authentication and authorization. We are a remote, and diverse team that follows agile principles and has a DevOps-first culture. We also value a pragmatic mindset and the ability to make trade-offs on what to optimize for and when to ship.

Who you are
You will be responsible for driving initiatives, communicating, collaborating, and working across team boundaries. You are a T-shaped engineer with experience in developing scalable and high-performing solutions. You have experience in building cloud-native infrastructure on AWS, GCP or Azure (we use AWS). You are passionate about data, can build ETL jobs, preferably with Python/Scala, Apache Spark and orchestrate them. Bonus points if you have experience with (or are simply interested in learning) Node.js/Typescript.

Where you will be
•Most of our teams are hybrids with some members co-located in offices and some working remote. With a remote first way of working we want you to feel productive regardless of work location!
•Where? For this role, it can be within the UK or Sweden
•Working hours? We want to avoid teams distributed over time-zones, so this team will operate within the CET time zone for collaboration. This setup allows us for more flexibility and work-life balance.
Acast is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin or any of the other wonderful characteristics that make us different.

Culture is our number one priority as a business. We believe people come first, and we work every day to enable autonomy, continuous improvement and bring out the best in people. We’re global and have remote teams, so it’s even more important that we strive for an open, inclusive and caring environment where everyone feels visible and welcome. We consider ourselves a modern organization driven by strong values to create the best, most fulfilling and nurturing culture.

We very much look forward to finding the next great person to join our cause!