Junior Cloud Engineer (DevOps focus)

Hyderabad, India
Technology – Infrastructure /
Full-time /
When you join Accurate Background, you’re an integral part of making every hire the start of a success story. Your contributions will help us fulfill our mission of advancing the background screening experience through visibility and insights, empowering our clients to make smarter, unbiased decisions.

Join our dynamic team as a Junior Cloud Engineer focusing on DevOps, where you will be instrumental in enhancing the reliability, scalability, and efficiency of our critical AWS cloud-based infrastructure. At Accurate Background, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services that set industry standards, and your expertise will be key to maintaining and elevating our operational excellence. In this senior role, you will work closely with a team of skilled professionals to drive continuous improvement through automation, implement best practices in cloud infrastructure management, and ensure proactive resolution of complex issues

Job Duties

    • Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps Practices:
    • Support the design, implementation, and management of cloud infrastructure, focusing on learning automation, scalability, and reliability principles. 
    • Assist in developing and maintaining Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for consistent and efficient deployment of resources. 
    • Help drive the adoption of DevOps best practices within the team, including continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), to improve operational efficiency and quality.  

    • System Monitoring and Optimization: 
    • Assist in architecting monitoring, logging, and alerting systems to identify and mitigate issues proactively. 
    • Participate in performance analysis to support infrastructure optimization and cost reduction strategies. 
    • Work with development teams to ensure system architectures are scalable, resilient, and aligned with industry best practices. 

    • Incident Management and Response: 
    • Support incident response efforts to facilitate rapid and effective resolution, minimizing downtime and operational impact. 
    • Contribute to disaster recovery plans and participate in drills to ensure organizational preparedness. 
    • Engage in post-resolution incident analysis to identify root causes and contribute to preventive measures through improvements and automation. 

    • Knowledge Sharing and Documentation: 
    • Assist in creating, maintaining, and updating documentation related to system architecture, configuration, deployment processes, and operational best practices. 
    • Promote a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the team, aiding the professional growth of peers and self.  

Required Qualifications:

    • Experience: 
    • 2-3 years of experience in cloud engineering or a related field, with exposure to DevOps practices and cloud services (AWS, Azure preferred). 
    • Eagerness to learn and grow in implementing IaC, CI/CD pipelines, and automated system deployments. 

    • Knowledge and Skills: 
    • Basic understanding of cloud engineering concepts and DevOps practices. 
    • Motivation to learn and apply new technologies and methodologies. 

    • Preferred Qualifications: 
    • Exposure to cloud services (AWS, Azure) and an interest in developing skills in IaC, CI/CD pipelines, and automation. 
    • Demonstrated ability to work in a team and adapt to a dynamic working environment. 

Working Conditions:

    • Hybrid working environment with the flexibility to work from the office and remotely. 
    • Participation in on-call rotations is required to ensure 24/7 system availability and reliability. 
    • A willingness to work flexible hours as needed to meet the business needs for system upgrades, maintenance windows, and incident management. 

    • Note: Please note that the above job description represents a general overview of the responsibilities and requirements for the Junior Cloud Engineer (DevOps Focus) position at Accurate Background. Duties and qualifications may vary based on specific business needs and organizational changes. 
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