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In ACL Tech we are seeking a highly skilled Developer Support Engineer to join our talented team! Join our talented team and enjoy a market-competitive salary. You'll work alongside a passionate, professional team committed to delivering exceptional results. Don't miss the opportunity to work with our US client.

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Job Summary:
As a Developer Support Engineer and play a pivotal role in the development and upkeep of an innovative application deployment system tailored for microservice-architecture applications, ensuring seamless deployment on Kubernetes infrastructure. Your primary responsibility will involve facilitating the transition of business units onto this deployment platform, involving the conversion of their current applications, databases, and supporting services from traditional bare-metal/VM setups to containerized solutions.


    • Collaborate with developers to ensure applications adhere to 12-factor principles for streamlined operation within containerized environments, facilitating smooth migration across different environments.
    • Establish, monitor, and debug CI/CD pipelines utilizing GitLab and Jenkins, including Docker container builds managed by customized Jenkins libraries written in Groovy.
    • Provide assistance to developers in debugging application configurations, resolving code-related queries, and troubleshooting issues across various programming languages.
    • Introduce exception reporting and APM metrics into existing and new applications to enhance runtime performance and error monitoring.
    • Monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot issues related to application and Kubernetes cluster health, ensuring optimal performance.
    • Identify and address bugs or deficiencies in the platform to enhance user experience and ease of maintenance.


    • Proficiency in Git, including remote management, branching/merging, and rebasing.
    • Fundamental understanding of Jenkins concepts such as Jobs, Pipelines, and webhooks.
    • Basic knowledge of RDBMS design and tuning.
    • Strong Linux proficiency, demonstrating "power user" skills.
    • Familiarity with Docker concepts including builds, layer management, volume management, security, container networking, IPC, and docker-compose.
    • Experience with Kubernetes, encompassing namespaces and core objects like Deployment, StatefulSet, and PersistentVolumes.
    • Familiarity with configuring and automating Prometheus metrics collection and Grafana dashboards.
    • Understanding of web application development principles, including configuration by convention, proxy server configurations (e.g., Nginx, Apache), exception reporting, logging, and performance metrics.

Preferred Requirements

    • Experience with Rancher Kubernetes cluster management.
    • Familiarity with 12-factor concepts and their practical implementation.
    • Exposure to various programming languages and frameworks such as PHP/Laravel, NodeJS, Java/Spring Boot, Ruby/Rails, .NET Core, Elixir, Rust, Python/Django/Flask, etc.
    • Experience with MVC frameworks, particularly in web application development.

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